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CMS Drupal. Ищется толковый PHP/Drupal developer

9 лет
Ищется толковый PHP/Drupal developer

Ciklum (www.ciklum.net) is a Danish IT outsourcing company specialized in nearshore software development. Established in 2002, Ciklum employs 800+ specialists working in more than 100 clients’ own development teams. Ciklum has six development offices in Ukraine and representative offices in Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.
On behalf of Voltimum Ciklum is looking for a Senior PHP developer
Voltimum (www.voltimum.com) established itself as the reference portal website of the industry in early 2003. The powerful search engine allows the user to search through more than 30GB of product-related documentation and information. Voltimum has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and six subsidiaries in Barcelona, Heidelberg, London, Milan, Versailles and Stockholm. The headquarters is responsible for all corporate affairs, including IT operations and development, whereas each local organization has full operational responsibility for the respective market including adoption of portal content and serving the needs of local professionals, manufacturers, distributors and associations. We constantly evaluate the possibility of expanding our activities into additional countries.
- Team leading and active development of number of dynamic projects
- Communicate to clients on projects requirements and quality
- To take serious tasks, give input on software design decisions (php/mysql) together with PM
- Being able to work into existing code (Zend, Drupal)
- Being strong person with knowledge and the will to drive the team members (including more junior guys especially) with exchanging ideas about how to write code, how to best solve problems
Successful candidate should meet following requirements:
- ability to manage and inspire the team, increase professional level of team members
- proven experience in PHP4/PHP5
- experience with Drupal and Zend Framework
- having worked with OOP, Database designs (MySQL4/5), debugging PHP code
- used to work under strict deadline and delivering quality in time
- proven track record of successful projects/team experience
- good English in oral/writing
Personal characteristics:
- Client- oriented
- Self -dependent
- Leading skills
- Smart
We offer you:
- Team of talented and professionals people
- Interesting projects
- Creative work
- Opportunity to bring/ set new ideas into the working process.
- Business trips to Europe

If you are interested, please send your updated CV to vsh@ciklum.net and we will contact you.

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