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4.12. Transfer of rights to VPS


After the transfer of rights, the previous owner of the VPS will completely lose access to it. This operation cannot be canceled, so carefully weigh your actions before performing it. If the goal is to provide temporary access, use delegation.

Important points:

  • You can transfer rights only to an account with the established account type.
  • Operation requires mandatory confirmation the current owner of the service in an appropriate way.
  • When transferring rights only the owner changes server. The server's validity period, its contents and other data are not affected.
  • The server is transmitted along with dedicated IPif they were ordered.
  • If the VPS was enabled auto-renewal, when transferring rights, it will be disabled.

To transfer rights to the server, do the following:

  1. Open the section "Transfer of rights ».
  2. Click "Add service»:
  3. Fill out the form and click "Add to»:
    • «A type"- select"VPS».
    • «Service"- select the servers, the rights to which you want to transfer.
    • «User ID"- specify ID account, in which you need to transfer the selected servers.
    • «Email"- specify mail account, in which you need to transfer the selected servers.
  4. If you need to transfer rights in one application for several services, add them to the transfer list in the same way.
  5. Check the generated list and if everything is in order, click “Confirm transfer»:If there are services in the list that do not need to be transferred, remove them from there with the button with a red cross.
  6. Confirm the operation in an appropriate way:
    • Individuals and sole proprietors - using a code sent to account mail.
    • Legal entity - using an application signed by an EDS through the service Paperless or Hourly.

After confirming the operation, the selected services will be automatically transferred to the specified accounts - they will disappear from the control panel of the old owner and appear in the new ones.

The list of created and completed orders is displayed at the bottom of the section:

The transmission history is available in the section "Transfer of rights ". From 01/29/2020 in our system, detailed information is recorded and available for subsequent viewing about which service and to whom it was transferred (ID recipient and his account mail at the time of transfer). You can view this information by clicking on the application number.