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4.7. VPS order


  • A trial period is available for VPS. Conditions described here.
  • After ordering, the tariff can be change upward.
  • The selected OS will be available at any time reinstall.

To order a VPS, do the following:

  1. On VPS order page choose a suitable tariff and under it click "To order»:
  2. Select the desired operating system, a suitable payment term for the service (the longer the paid term, the greater the discount) and click "Order for XXX.XX UAH for 1 month»:
  3. Place your order:
    1. Optional actions:
      1. To change the period for which the service is ordered, select the appropriate one from the list in the column “Period". The longer the paid term, the greater the discount.
      2. If you have a promo code, click "Enter promo code", Enter it and click"Activate". If you don't have a promo code, skip this step.
    2. Blocks "Registration"And"Authorization»Are displayed only if before ordering was not completed login to your account... Enter your email for registration or log into an existing account:
      • If you have no account yet on our website, indicate your valid mail in the block "Registration»Or click on the button of one of the social networks. After placing your order, you will be automatically registered.
      • If you have already have an account on our website, click “Log in"In the block"Authorization"To signed in into it. After placing an order, the service will be automatically linked to this account.
    3. Check out public offer and check the box next to "I agree to the terms of the offer agreement».
    4. Click "Checkout».
  4. Pay generated invoice one of the available payment methods.

After crediting the payment and activating the VPS on account mail an email will be sent with access data to the server.