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2.3.16. Site error log (Error-log)

The site error log (Error-log) is a log of errors of the Apache web server, where information about requests, the processing of which caused a warning (warning) or error (error), is received. It is located in the section "Hosting My sites → Site error log»:

At the top of the section, a list of all dates for which logs are available is displayed:

In the list, you can:

Important points:

  • Logs are stored only for the current and 4 previous months, and only for those days when there were requests to the sites. Older logs are not kept.
  • The current date in the list is always available, regardless of whether there are entries in the log or not.
  • If yesterday's date is not in the list of dates, then the logs for that day are still being processed and will become available later (as a rule, closer to the afternoon). A similar situation can occur on the 1st of the month with logs and reports for the previous month.

The main part of the section displays information on all errors for selected day:

In most cases, you can be guided by the following simple principle: if a 50x error starts to appear on the site or its individual pages, first of all, you should check its Error-log in our control panel:

  • If information about these errors is present (it is worthwhile to correlate the time of occurrence of errors and the time of entries in the Error-log), it is highly likely that the cause of the error will be described in the same lines and the solution should be based on it.
  • If the Error-log is empty, then, most likely, the 50x response code is generated directly by the scripts of the site itself. In this case, you should study the site engine logs (or, for starters, how to enable their maintenance) or contact the site developer or specialized specialists for help.

Important points:

  • If the size of the log does not exceed 100 MB, it can be viewed directly in the browser and download yourself... Larger logs can only be downloaded.
  • After performing a technical check of the site in the section "My sites" or clearing the PageSpeed cache our IP can be found in the logs. This is due to the fact that in order to perform these actions, our server needs to make a request to the site.
To download the log for the selected day, click “Download"At the top of the log:
To download the log for a month, click “Download in a month»In the list of available dates:
The rotation of logs is performed daily, therefore the log for each day is a separate file and is also downloaded separately.

If you need to regularly save logs in automatic mode, then for these purposes you can use API hosting - dates (getting a list of dates for which there are logs) and download (downloading logs for the dates received earlier) - and create your own script that will perform the necessary actions.