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2.3.15. Site visit log (Access log)

A log of site visits (Access log) is a log of absolutely all requests to the site that reached our web server. It is located in the section " Hosting My sites→ Access log »:

At the top of the section, a list of all dates for which logs are available is displayed:

In the list you can:

Important points:

  • Logs are stored only for the current and 4 previous months, and only for those days when there were requests to the sites. Older logs are not kept.
  • The current date in the list is always available, regardless of whether there are entries in the log or not.
  • If yesterday's date is not in the list of dates, then the logs for that day are still being processed and will become available later (as a rule, closer to the afternoon). A similar situation can occur on the 1st of the month with logs and reports for the previous month.

The main part of the section displays information on all requests for selected day:

  • Search field with the button " Search »- allows you to filter requests by date, IP or the presence of a piece of text.
  • « Download »- button download logs per day.
  • « Open report "- open button report per day.
  • Timeline with buttons " Filter "And" Reset filter "- allows you to set the time range for which the log will be displayed or downloaded per day.
  • Each line of the log has a strictly fixed format:
    • « Time "- request time.
    • « IP "Is the IP address from which the request was made. By clicking on the address, requests are automatically filtered by this IP.
    • « Inquiry "- the request itself. In the request:
      1. GET - request method.
      2. / URI.
      3. HTTP/1.0" - version of the used HTTP protocol.
      4. 200 - server response code for this request.
      5. 12345 - length of the server response to the request in bytes.
      6. "https://www.google.com.ua/" URL-source of the request.
      7. "Mozilla/5.0 (XXXXXX) XXXXXX - User-Agent of the visitor.

Important points:

  • If the size of the log does not exceed 100 MB, it can be viewed directly in the browser and download yourself. Larger logs can only be downloaded.
  • After performing a technical check of the site in the section " My sites " or clearing the PageSpeed cache our IP can be found in the logs. This is due to the fact that in order to perform these actions, our server needs to make a request to the site.
To download the log for the selected day, click “ Download "At the top of the log:
To download the log for a month, click “ Download in a month »In the list of available dates:

When downloading the log for the current month, it will contain data BEFORE the current date.

Access logs can be used to generate convenient HTML-reports. They are generated using the program GoAccess, built-in hosting.

Each report contains visual statistics on the following metrics: unique visitors requested URL and static files, 404 errors, hostnames and IPs of visitors, their operating systems and browsers, distribution of requests over time, referring sites, HTTP response codes and countries where requests came from.

Reports are generated in a language that installed in the account.

Button press " Open report »Opens a report for selected day:

So that reports for previous days are not generated every time anew and displayed quickly when reopened, after the first opening they are cached on a separate server and stored for the same time as Access logs. The report for the current day is always regenerated and always contains up-to-date information.

Button press " Monthly report »Opens the report for the corresponding month in a new browser tab:

Like daily reports, reports for past months are also cached on a separate server. The report for the current month includes only the days that have passed (that is, all days from the beginning of the month, except the current ).

You can create reports for arbitrary periods yourself. For example, this can be useful when you need to create one large report that includes a period of more than one month.

To create a report you need download logs for the required periods and on their basis generate a report on your PC.

Access log can download and study with console commands or specialized software capable of analyzing such logs and displaying various static and analytical information, for example Apache Log Viewer.


The video shows an outdated section layout and no reporting information.