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You can transfer letters to mailboxes created with us from mailboxes hosted on a third-party mail server using the built-in import function.

Important points:

  • All messages from all folders (both standard and manually created) are imported from a third-party server.
  • When transferring messages on a third-party server, they are not deleted.
  • Restarting import transfers only new messages. Messages that have already been migrated earlier are not migrated again.
  • If the import went through without errors, but there are not transferred letters on the server, then it will be automatically repeated up to 20 times.

To submit an import request, do the following:

  1. Open the section "Mailboxes»:
  2. Opposite the mailbox where you want to import letters, click "Mail import»:
  3. In field "IMAPsettings»Select the mail service from where you want to import mail (Gmail, Yandex, Mail.Ru, or, or "Your option», If the required service is not in the list:If selected "Your option", Additionally specify the data for connecting to the mail server (they should be specified in the mail service support or at the server administrator where the mail is imported from):
    • «IMAPserver»- specify the address of the IMAP server from where you want to import mail.
    • «IMAPport»- specify the port used to connect to the IMAP server.
    • «SSL connection protection"- check the box if encryption is to be used when connecting.
    • «Do not check the validity of an SSL certificate"- installed only in cases when a secure connection is used and the IMAP server from which the import is performed does not have a valid SSL certificate (for example, it uses a self-signed one).
  4. Specify the login and password of the mailbox from which you want to import mail, use the switch to select whether to import all mail or only mail for the last few days (you will need to specify the number of days yourself), and click «Import mail»:
  5. Wait for the import to complete. After completing on account mail a notification will be sent, which will indicate where the import was from and where, as well as the number of transferred letters and their total volume.

When all mail is transferred, in the domain settings you can set our MX recordsso that incoming mail does not go to mailboxes on the old hosting, but to mailboxes created with us.

If the automatic transfer option is not suitable for some reason (for example, the mail server from which you want to transfer mail does not support IMAP), you can transfer messages manually using an email client.

To manually transfer mail, do the following:

  1. Create a mailbox with the same name with which it was created on the old hosting.
  2. Connect using the Thunderbird mail client directly to two mailboxes:
    • To a new mailbox created on our hosting, in which you need to transfer letters (necessarily via the IMAP protocol).
    • To the old mailbox created on the old hosting, from which you need to transfer letters.
  3. In Thunderbird on the left, select the mailbox and folder, from which the transfer of letters will be performed.
  4. Select all the letters you want to transfer.
  5. Right-click on the selected letters and select "Copy to folder».
  6. In the context menu, select the mailbox and folder where the letters should be moved.
  7. Wait until the process of copying letters is completed.

Screenshot with an example of the process of copying letters from a mailbox test1 (created on the old hosting) to the mailbox test (created with us):

After all mail has been transferred, in the domain settings you can set our MX recordsso that incoming mail does not go to mailboxes on the old hosting, but to mailboxes created with us.