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2.24.18. Setting an avatar in email services


Avatars that should be displayed to recipients in various mail services are configured not on the hosting side, but on the side of the recipient's mail services themselves.

The article presents examples of setting up avatars for recipients using the mail services Gmail and Mail.Ru. Methods for displaying an avatar in other mail services need to be clarified directly in the support of these mail services.

For example, if you create a domain mail in the Google mail service, set an avatar in its settings and send a letter to the mailbox in the Yandex mail service, then it will not be displayed, since the necessary settings have not been made on the side of Yandex services.

To configure the display of an avatar in Gmail for emails sent from hosting, do the following:

  1. Open the Gmail registration page located at accounts.google.com/signupwithoutgmail.
  2. Fill out the registration form and click "Further»:
    • «Name"And"Surname»- specify the required data (they will be displayed to the recipients).
    • «E-mail address"- specify mailbox, created on the hosting, for which you want to install an avatar.
    • «Password"And"Confirm»- set a password for your Gmail account.
  3. Confirm that you have access to your mailbox:
    1. Open the specified mailbox in WebMail or any other mail client.
    2. Find the email sent by Gmail.
    3. Copy the verification code, paste it into the field “Enter code" and press "Confirm».
  4. Confirm your phone number:
    1. Enter your phone number and click "Further».
    2. Enter the code sent by Google via SMS and click “Confirm».
  5. Enter your date of birth, select your gender and click "Further».
  6. Add a phone number or click “Skip».
  7. Read the terms of use and privacy policy, then click “Iaccept».
  8. On the account management page, click on the avatar and upload the desired image.
  9. Check the avatar display by sending an email from a hosted mailbox to any Gmail mailbox.

If there are several mailboxes, the operation must be repeated for each of them.

To configure the display of an avatar in Mail.Ru for letters sent from hosting, do the following:

  1. Log in to the site Mail.Ru.
  2. Openup Postmaster.
  3. Add domain:
    1. At the top of the page, click “Add domain».
    2. Step 1... Enter your domain in the field "Domain name" and press "Add domain».
    3. Step 2... Verify domain ownership in one of three ways - using HTML-file, Meta-tag or DNSchecks.
  4. Upload your avatar:
    1. At the top of the page, click “Settings».
    2. In the block "Customizing your domains avatars"Next to the added domain, click"Change avatar"(Or on the avatar itself).
    3. Load the image, after making sure that it matches the installed requirements.
  5. Wait for the uploaded avatar to be moderated. This can take from several hours to several weeks.
  6. Check the display of the avatar by sending a letter from the mailbox hosted on the hosting to any Mail.Ru mailbox.