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  • +7 (499) 348-28-61 Moscow Installing WordPress

You can install WordPress automatically or manually:

Important points:

To install WordPress automatically, do the following:

  1. Go to "Hosting My sites"And in the site menu click"Installation CMS»:
  2. In the block "WordPress»Click«Set»:
  3. Fill out the form and click "Set»:
    • «Name of the site "- enter an arbitrary name for your site.
    • «Administrator email "- specify the administrator's mail. By default, the field is filled with account mail.
    • «Administrator login "- specify the administrator's login. By default, the standard is substituted in the field admin.
    • «Administrator password "- enter the administrator password or click"Random"To generate it automatically. By default, an automatically generated password is substituted in the field.
    • «Version CMS»- select a suitable WordPress version from the list.
    • «Language»- select the required language.
    • «Database»- select one of the existing databases, to which the site will be connected, or click "Create DB"To create a new.
    • «Clear database before installation CMS"- a checked box means that the selected database will be cleaned beforehand.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete (at the initial stage, you can cancel it with the appropriate button):When the installation is complete, the status will change to “done»:
  5. Check the site is working. To access adminpanels use data specified during installation.

You can view the data that was specified during installation by clicking on the button with the gear image:


To work with WordPress in a situation where the domain is not registered, does not work or is not directed to hosting, after installation, you can use the service address. The configuration process is described in instructions.

Before installation

  1. Download from official site on your PC an archive with the distribution of the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Place the distribution files on the hosting:
    1. Via filemanager or any FTPclient upload the archive to hosting in root directory preliminarily added site.
    2. Move the entire contents of the subdirectory wordpress in root directory.
  3. Prepare the database:
    • If there is no free database, create a new.
    • If there is an unused database, you can clear and use it.

To manually install the current version of WordPress, do the following:

  1. Open the site in a browser.
  2. Click "Forward!»:
  3. Specify your database connection settings and click "Send message»:
  4. Click "Run installation»:
  5. Specify the site name and administrator information (they will be used to access adminpanels site), set up visibility for search engines and click "Install WordPress»:
    • «Name of the site "- enter an arbitrary name for your site.
    • «Username"- specify the administrator's login.
    • «Password»- enter the administrator password.
    • «Your e-mail"- specify the administrator's mail.
    • «Search engine visibility"- check the box if you want the site not to be indexed by search engines.
  6. Click "Log in»:
  7. Check the site is working.