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2.1.8. Tariff change

Important points:

  • Only the owner of the service can change the tariff. Users with delegated access tariff change is not available.
  • The procedure depends on account type and is different for individuals and legal entities.
  • Since the tariffs businesshosting Additional services OPcache, Memcache(d), Redis and Sphinx are already included in the price, then when switching from regular hosting to business hosting, the extension of these additional services will be automatically disabled.
  • The need to pay for a change in the tariff plan for individuals and sole proprietorship arises only if active Additional services... To change the tariff without additional payment, you should disable automatic renewal additional services and, after changing the tariff, reconnect them, if required.
  • Tariff change is available only for active hosting accounts... If the hosting account has expired and it was deactivated, then in order to change the tariff, you first need to extend on credit or payand then change the tariff.
  • You can change the tariff only for any of the current tariffs theusual and businesshosting... Go this way to archive tariff impossible.
  • In case of transition for a cheaper rate:
    • Make sure that the number of sites in the "My sites»Does not exceed the permissible amount in the desired tariff. If there are more of them, extra sites will be needed delete.
    • Make sure busy disk space does not exceed the allowed disk space in the desired tariff. If more space is occupied, you need:
      • Or delete unnecessary files from the hosting in order to reduce the occupied space (this can be done using filemanager or any FTPclient).
      • Or buy additional disk space of such a volume that it, together with the disk space in the desired tariff, is more occupied.
  • You can change the tariff an unlimited number of times in any direction.
  • In case of transition on a more expensive or for a cheaper the tariff is changed instantly and at no additional charge. Only the remaining validity period of the hosting account is recalculated, depending on the selected tariff.
  • If ordered for the hosting account Additional services, then to switch to a more expensive tariff, you will need to pay the difference in cost between the current and the new tariff in terms of the remaining period. If additional services are not needed, you can disable their renewal and change the tariff without paying the difference in the cost of the tariffs.
  • Automatic tariff change for a cheaper impossible. To change the tariff to a cheaper one in manual mode, contact technical support.
  • In case of transition on a more expensive the tariff will need to pay the difference in cost between the current and the new tariff. An invoice for payment of the difference is generated automatically. The tariff will be changed only after payment of the invoice and receipt of funds to us.


If the hosting account is hosted in countries where business hosting is not available, then when the tariff is changed, the hosting account will be transferred to Ukraine or corresponding location.

To change the hosting account tariff, do the following:

  1. Open the section "Hosting ».
  2. In the block "Account»Click«Change tariff plan»:
  3. On the page that opens, the list will display the current service rates shared hosting and businesshosting.
  4. Select the desired tariff, read the information about it and click "Go to»:
  5. If you agree to change the tariff, click "Yes»In the pop-up window.
  6. If you are switching to a more expensive tariff that requires payment of the difference in cost, pay generated invoice and wait for the payment to arrive.

You can view the history of changes in the hosting account tariff in the section “Hosting → Change history»:

When changing a tariff, what does a warning that the current tariff mean is archived?

When the tariff is changed, the following notification may be displayed: It means that the tariff currently in use is archival... Since the tariff change is possible only for any of the current tariffs, it will be impossible to return from the current one to the archived tariff... In this situation, it is worth comparing the key characteristics (number of sites, amount of disk space, inode limit, parameter value memory_limit) current archive rate with the current tariffs and only after that make the final decision.

When changing the tariff from business hosting to shared hosting or vice versa, will the site's IP address be changed?

Yes, the IP address can change:

  • If the hosting account is located in Ukraine, then it will definitely change direct IP address web server but Proxy IP, to which the site domain is directed, may remain the same.
  • If the hosting account is located in another country, then it will definitely change direct IP address and the address given in control panels. (The addresses may be the same.)