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3.2.5. .UA domain registration rules

.UA domain registration is possible only if you have a registered trademark with the name on the logo identical to the domain. This is a mandatory requirement.

Important points:

  • .UA domain registration must be performed from the account registered for the TM owner. If the domain registration will be made not from the account of the owner of the TM, then between the owner of the trademark (TM) and account owner should be concluded license agreement.
  • In the account under "Personal data "On the"Personal information»The address must be filled in.
  • Domain registration in the .UA zone is performed on the appropriate page.
  • After paying for the domain, you must fill in questionnaire - indicate the contact details of the TM owner.
  • A domain in the .UA zone cannot be registered by the application number, which usually looks like m******, you need a fully registered TM.

Detailed information on TM registration and the specifics of .UA domain registration is presented in our blog:

  1. The .UA domain administrator is the company LLC "Hostmaster".
  2. Existing rules domain registrations in the .UA zone are the same for all registrars.
  3. It is possible to register the .UA domain only if there is a registered and active (which has not expired) TM: Ukrainian or international, which is subject to protection on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Marks.
  4. The domain name must contain absolutely all the symbols depicted on the TM logo... You can only omit some special charactersbut not individual letters or words. It is prohibited to add symbols that are not on the TM logo. The order of the symbols on the TM logo must be preserved in the domain name, the symbols must be read in order from left to right and from top to bottom.
    Attention! The trademark must be easy to read and easily deciphered.
  5. Domain names may contain only Latin characters, except for special characters &, @, ., / and other similar characters can be replaced by their English name or removed. If there are Cyrillic symbols on the TM logo, you should follow them transliteration.
  6. Domain registration in the .UA zone is possible only for one year, the subsequent renewal can already be made for a longer period.

Key points rulesdescribing the points listed above:

3.9. Delegation of a private domain name of a different level to the .UA domain will be considered solely for being given by the resident to the Registrar, for legal entities, for the sake of re-structuring the domain name, such documents:
3.9.1. for a domain name, as a sign, any component of another rivnya (before the sign ".", but does not include the sign) – zasvіdchenoї central bodies vikonavchoї Vladi scho zabezpechuє formuvannya State polіtiki in sferі іntelektualnoї vlasnostі, clearance of Ofіtsіynogo Bulletin Mіzhnarodnogo Bureau Vsesvіtnoї organіzatsії іntelektualnoї vlasnostі, yak pіdtverdzhuє fact mіzhnarodnoї reєstratsії Mark is the fact Yogo pravovoї receptionists at teritorії Ukraine;
3.9.2. for the domain name, as it is, any component of another rivnya (before the sign "." Ukraine for a sign for goods and services – the proper order of the certified copy of such a testimony;
3.9.3. in the event that a private domain name of another age is not transferred directly to the owner of the certificate of Ukraine on the mark for goods and services - acknowledged by the central authority of the government agency, but also forgetting about the official form of government policy at the time for the issuance of a license for the Victory Sign.