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3.2.11. Domain pre-order

Domain pre-order is a service that allows you to automatically register a specific domain after its release. At the moment it works in test mode and is not available for all domain zones.

Important points:

  • Pre-order available only for Ukrainian domain zones, except for .UA, .УКР, .LVIV.UA zones.
  • Service does not guarantee that you will be the owner of the domain name. If the name is free, anyone in any company can buy it. TOV "Hosting Ukraine" is not responsible for the fact that the domain can be purchased by other users or companies.
  • The service will not transfer the domain to you from the current owner. It is intended only for redemption of the domain, unless renewed by the current owner. Renewal is always prioritized by the current owner of the domain name.
  • The service is available only individuals or sole proprietors... Legal entities cannot use it.
  • The user who is the first made a pre-order, will receive a domain if there are sufficient funds for linked bank card at the time of domain registration attempt.
  • If this user does not have enough funds, we will try to register a domain for whoever is next in line and who has enough funds.
  • We do not charge any additional commissions for preorders. The account will be charged an amount equal to the standard cost of domain registration in the selected zone.

To pre-order a domain, do the following:

  1. The service is available only to registered users. If you do not have an account on our website yet, register.
  2. Signin to your account.
  3. Bind to your account with your bank card, with which you plan to pay for the domain order.
  4. Open the section "Domain registration»:
  5. Enter the name of the required domain in the search field and click "Search", Then next to the found domain, click"Booknow»:
  6. Read the terms and conditions and click “Pre-order»:
  7. In the upper right corner, a notification will be displayed with the assigned sequence number in the queue:

After placing a pre-order, you will need to make sure that the bank card has the ability to write off the amount required to register a domain. When the pre-ordered domain becomes available, the system will try to charge the required amount from the card and automatically register the domain. If the registration fails for any reason, the funds will be returned to the card.

List pre-orders is located in the control panel in the section "Domains Domain pre-orders »:

  • «Domain"- domain name.
  • «Ends"- domain expiration date.
  • «Application submitted" - date pre-ordering.
  • «Condition"- order status:
    • «Queue"- the application is in the queue.
    • «Error before registration"- the error occurs if there were not enough funds on the card or the client was not the first in the queue.
    • «We are trying to register"- the current application was the first in the queue, the money was successfully frozen. When releasing a domain, we will try to register it.
    • «The domain is registered by us, in the near future we will transfer it to the client"- the domain has been registered at the request and will be transferred to your account in the near future.
    • «Domain registered and transferred to the client»- the domain has been successfully registered and transferred to your account.
    • «Registration error"- the domain was renewed by the current owner or someone registered it before us.
    • «Registration error, refund»- the domain was renewed by the current owner or someone registered it before us, the funds are in the process of returning.
    • «Return made"- the domain was not registered and the funds for its registration were returned.

Using the red button, you can remove a domain from the list and thereby cancel a pre-order for it.


You can only delete applications that have not yet been processed and for which funds have not been debited.