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6.27. Payment without authorization

The functionality of payment without authorization is designed to pay for services without access to the account in which they are located. It can be useful in the following situations:

  • When there is no opportunity to come in to your account and you urgently need to renew the services placed in it.
  • When you need to pay for the services of another user who you delegated access to them.
  • When it is not known in which account the services are located, or there is no connection with its owner.

When paying for a delegated service, the form is filled in automatically. In this case, instead of the name of the service, its numeric identifier in our system will be displayed.

To pay for a service without authorization in its owner's account, do the following:

  1. Go to direct link or at the bottom of any of the pages of our site, click "Pay for services»:
  2. Fill out the form and click "Pay»:
    • «Service type»- select the type of service you want to pay for:
      • «Hosting account or website»- payment for a hosting account by its name or the name of the site that added in this hosting account under “My sites». Important! In this case, the domain is not renewed; it must be renewed separately.
      • «Domain»- payment for a domain by its name.
      • «VPS»- payment for VPS by its number.
      • «Dedicated server»- payment for a dedicated server by its number.
    • «Service»- specify the name of the service you want to pay:
      • To pay for a hosting account - name hosting account, the site that is added to this hosting account in the section "My sites", Or his alias. Important! The custom name (alias) of the hosting account does not match this field.
      • To pay for a domain - domain name.
      • To pay for VPS or dedicated server - server number. When specifying the full number in the form VPS-XXXXXX or Dedicated-XXXXXX the corresponding service type is selected automatically, if only numbers are specified - the service type will need to be selected manually. Important! The custom server name (alias) is not valid for this field.
    • «Payment period»- select the period for which you want to extend the service. Important! The choice of term is not available for domains, they are renewable only for 1 year.
    • «EDRPOU»(Only for legal entities) - indicate the EDRPOU code of the service owner (it must match the code specified in the account of the current service owner).
  3. If any data was entered incorrectly, an error notification will be displayed in the upper right corner. If the data is correct, then depending on account type the owner of the service will be given the appropriate payment option:
    • If the owner is an individual or sole proprietor, the form of payment by Visa or MasterCard will be displayed. Attention! We do not accept payment by corporate cards (cards linked to corporate accounts). When you try to pay with such a card, an error of exceeding the limit will occur.
    • If the owner is a legal entity - will be downloaded score for subsequent payment for the service.

If you want to disable the possibility of anonymous payment for your services, then for this in the section "Personal data "On the"Loyalty program"Check the box next to"Disable anonymous payment for services»: