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  • +38 (032) 229-58-93 Lviv
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News archive

16 July New zones: .BEAUTY, .SKIN, .HAIR, .MAKEUP
15 July Added website builder
6 July Termination of work with ISPmanager
2 July Even lower price for ICU registration!
24 June The capabilities of our Telegram bot have been expanded
17 June Added the ability to quickly configure domains using presets
16 June New .SBS domain zone!
11 June Added HTTPS support for web redirects and parking pages
2 June API documentation in the control panel
1 June Business hosting launched in the USA
24 May Launched a new monitoring system for VPS and Dedicated
17 May Promotion for the first year of registration of .ART domains
12 May Bug Bounty program launched
11 May Added feedback and suggestions section
27 April New domain zone .CFD
27 April New domain zones: .IO .AC .SH
13 April Added dark theme for control panel
9 April Automated processing of applications from legal entities
6 April UA-DRP at,,,,,,,
6 April Stop sending SMS notifications
2 April Increase in prices for domains in the zone: KM.UA and KHMELNITSKIY.UA
25 March Added tariff plan Business 32G
24 March Added ncdu utility
11 March Saving and restoring DNS records from a file
24 February Sale of dedicated servers resumed
2 February New section "Linux Configuration"
26 January New API
20 January Simultaneous login to multiple accounts
11 January .BIBLE domain price increase
5 January Promotion for the first year of domain registration: .BEST .CLUB .ORG .ICU .CYOU .SHOP
4 January Domain registration promotion: online, site, website, space, tech, store, fun, uno.
25 December .CYOU .BOND and holiday promotions
24 December Increase in prices for a number of domain zones
1 December Expanded line of VPS tariffs
30 November Added PHP 8 support
11 November New Sphinx add-on service
9 November .SHOP discounts for the first year of registration
2 November Termination of Microsoft Licenses
2 November Added PHP-FPM support on business hosting
16 October Technical support via Telegram
15 October Choosing TLS encryption protocol versions
30 September Generating GoAccess reports from the control panel
25 September Domain sale system
23 September Added the ability to restore individual files and directories from a backup
21 September DKIM for domains on any NS
16 September Added the ability to manage notifications
3 September Redesigned CMS automatic installation system
4 August Promotion for domain registration online, site, website, space, tech, store, fun
23 June Added the ability to view the logs of the PHP mail function
22 June Implemented built-in web client for SSH
18 June Increase in prices for domain zones: CHERKASSY.UA, CHERKASY.UA, CK.UA
5 June Added the ability to log PHP errors
29 May Added support for HTTP / 2 Server Push
29 May Disk space usage history
28 May Added the ability to delegate access to VPS and Dedicated
12 May Expanding the list of notifications sent via Telegram
2 March Opt out of 2-Step Verification via SMS for overseas customers
2 March Our knowledge base is now in video format
22 February Counting directory sizes in the file manager
7 February Hosting with support for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server
1 February Public offer updated
31 January Electronic document management
30 January Login to WebMail without password
28 January Payment for services by legal entities without the need for authorization
27 January Simplification of the system for transferring rights to services
22 January Enhancing mail security
26 December Increase in prices for a number of domain names
24 December New Year promotion
23 December Invoice payment via Privat24 application
21 December Aliases for mail filtering
20 December Renewal of services without authorization
19 December Automatic renewal of services
19 December New features of the control panel file manager
18 December Support for auto-converting images to WebP format
17 December Payment without specifying the card number
10 December Security policy changes
28 November Added PHP 7.4 support
28 November Order and renewal of dedicated servers and VPS
27 November Added the ability to manually block outgoing connections
27 November Discontinued support for CRAM-MD5 / APOP authentication methods for mail
25 November The last IPv4 block of addresses was issued today
14 November Backup for large accounts
13 November Quickly search for sites, domains and aliases in the control panel
6 November Hot discounts on .SHOP
18 October Added PHP modules mongodb and libsodium
17 October Added Redis support
11 October Telegram news channel
9 October Changing MySQL version on business hosting plans
8 October Domain price increases
2 October Preview images in the file manager
1 October Automatic site transfer between hosting accounts
27 September Connection to hosting with SSH key authorization
19 September End of sales of Windows VPS
19 September Free alternative to ISPmanager
18 September VPS renewals on credit
18 September Discontinued sale of managed dedicated servers
1 September New tariff plans
28 August From August 5, 2019, all bank accounts in Ukraine will switch to the IBAN standard
22 August Contract signed for one more international 10G channel
22 August Accelerated processing of applications with EDS