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About company

We present to your attention the first fully automated service in Ukraine for providing hosting and domain names registration. A feature of our hosting is the complete automation of all processes associated not only with the registration of domains and hosting, but also with the complete automation of the servers and hosting personnel. Due to the logic embedded in the software, we have achieved the highest speed and quality in the provision of services, all services work stably and without interruptions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Domains are registered within 15 minutes, hosting is activated within 30 minutes after user registration. All payments are processed automatically, regardless of how you paid them - through a bank, Webmoney, an iBox machine, or by a VISA card. Through the control panel, the user is able to manage absolutely all services on his own without contacting technical support. Automation of all business processes allows you to reduce the cost of services provided at times.

History.The hosting business was opened in 2004, mostly for the company's own projects and its clients. Over time, the number of sites hosted on servers has grown so much that hosting management required the creation of software that automates the work. In 2006, the website www.deltahosting.com.ua appeared on which new customers could register and place orders. Two years later, in 2008, the task was set - to create software that would automate hosting and domain registration management as much as possible. By the end of the year, a second version of the program appeared, which made it possible to perform 90% of operations in a fully automatic mode. In December 2008, the old site was closed and all clients were transferred to the new one - www.ukraine.com.ua... After 2 years, the number of hosting servers exceeded 100 pieces.

Hosting benefits. Hosting basis "Ukraine" the unique software, which is not available in any Ukrainian hosting company. We have made every effort to ensure that the user could control the maximum server parameters! Only here users can fine-tune hosting, customize each site. We do not limit users to single PHP settings, for each site you can configure those PHP parameters that are needed for the management system that you use. Our hosting is suitable for any project, be it written in Joomla, DLE (DataLife Engine), WordPress, Kohana, Typo3. etc.

Hosting payment. We offer our clients a wide range of hosting payment methods, from non-cash payments through the bank and the iBox payment system to instant payment systems and payment by Visa, MasterCard. Hosting payment is fully automated, all payments, regardless of how they are made, are processed automatically. You do not have to send receipts for payment by e-mail or call and ask whether the money has arrived or not, as soon as the money arrives at us - at any time of the day or night our software will see them and activate the services that you paid for - be it domain registration or hosting.

Price policy.

Low prices for hosting services are based on the following:
1. High-quality configuration of servers, which can increase performance by more than 5 times.
2. The software we have created allows us to perform 90% of the work without human intervention.
3. As developers of all software, we are able to supplement and change it.

Development. The most important thing is that we do not stop there, but continue our rapid development.

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