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The best web analytics services

Web analytics tools – This is a set of tools that allow you to receive the most detailed information about the state of the site: track the number of visitors, their actions on various pages of the site, the time they spend on viewing pages, and other indicators. Knowing these parameters, you can make your website more efficient. – change the design or content so that users stay longer on the site, increase the percentage of visitors who end up making a purchase, assess how justified are investments in certain means of promotion. Site analytics can be performed using a variety of free and paid tools that perform different functions. Among them, there are both specialized tools and resources that allow you to apply several analysis methods simultaneously.

Free services with the widest functionality

Analyzing website traffic statistics and other indicators is not necessarily associated with high costs. There are a number of free services that can track site statistics. Some of them do not require payment at all, others in the free version have certain restrictions. It is worth paying attention, first of all, to those tools that are not limited to the function of the counter on the site and allow you to solve several problems at once.

The most popular are:

  • Google Analytics – a free service that allows you to analyze a number of parameters, including website loading speed, traffic to individual pages, user conversion, referrals from social networks.

  • Yandex.Metrica – also a free service. It has slightly less functionality, but its use is mandatory for all sites that are in the Russian-speaking segment. The fact is that using Google Analytics it is impossible to obtain complete information about those users who come from Yandex search queries.

As a rule, to track the number of visits to the site, both services are used to cover all search queries. In addition, other web analytics tools such as Piwik.com or Clicky.com can be used as additional tools. They have a free version that is suitable for small sites with a small number of events over a period of time.

Site statistics counters

Statistics counters are one of the main web analytics tools. With their help, they measure the statistics of traffic to the site and its individual pages. Several counters are often used, since their functionality may differ in detail. In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, the most common are:

  • Liveinternet;

  • Google Analytics counter;

  • Yandex.Metrica counter;

  • Rambler TOP100;

  • Mail.ru rating;

Services for content analysis and social networks

Social networks are among the most important promotion tools. Therefore, when setting the task to collect statistics on the site, it is necessary to take into account the work with the content that is posted on social networks. As a rule, tools for analyzing social networks involve taking into account the following indicators:

  • Content coverage – show how many users in total see your publications, what articles are more often shared with others.

  • Traffic – the number of unique users who come to the community and, through it, to the company's website. Effective publications – these are the ones that attract new traffic, that is, users who are not yet members of your community.

  • Engagement and conversion are determined by the actions that users take. Social media analysis helps to identify which posts most often encourage users to make purchases, subscribe to newsletters, or take other actions you need.

In addition, social media analytics can help you gain a better understanding of your audience and their relationship to the company. Comments and reviews on social networks, various reactions to your posts – this is an important layer of information, without which it is difficult to build an effective advertising campaign. You will also be able to compare website traffic rates for your pages and for those of your competitors in order to recognize and use the most effective strategies.

When choosing services for content analytics and social networks, it should be borne in mind that many foreign services lack the ability to work with VK. This applies, for example, to the Socialblade and Sprout Social platforms. If you need to work with a lot of social networks, check out BrandAnalytics and PopSteps. The first of them is designed to track brand mentions on social networks, and the second is suitable for analyzing your own publications and those of competitors.

Call tracking tools

Phone tracking tools are used to measure the effectiveness of various advertising channels. They can be used to control from which particular advertisement or search query the user came to the site. Call tracking can be static or dynamic. The static structure is quite simple: by using different numbers in different advertising channels, the advertiser will be able to determine which content has attracted the user's attention. You can also keep records of such information manually, but more often it is done using specialized software. This method is suitable if you are advertising offline. It is usually not used for site analytics.

If you need to track what drives your website visitors to make a call, you need dynamic call tracking techniques. They are based on the following principle: each user is assigned a unique phone number. If he makes a call, the system will show what search query this visitor came from, how much time he spent on the site and which pages he viewed before calling. Many systems also allow you to record additional data about the call, for example, its duration and waiting time. After the client has finished the conversation, the number given to him is transferred to another visitor. The cost of this analysis of user behavior depends on the number of visits and the number of phone numbers that will need to be used at the same time.

The most famous call tracking services include CoMagic, Calltraccking.ru, CallTouch, Callibri. They provide both static and dynamic call tracking, as well as integrate with CRM and website statistics analysis tools, making them an effective marketing tool.

Multifunctional services

Although there are specialized tools for one type of task, most often, web analytics tools are multifunctional. This is quite logical, because usually it is necessary not only to put a counter on a website in Ukraine, Russia or another country, but also to draw the correct conclusions from the data obtained with its help. Free services from Google and Yandex have very wide functionality. In addition, they integrate with other products of the companies that provide them (for example, in the case of Google, these are Google Data Studio and Google AdWords).

Many commercial services also have wide functionality. Each of them have their own strengths. Typically, they provide a trial period for which you can evaluate the usability and the available feature set. Often, in addition to collecting statistics on the site, the service has the following capabilities: creating summaries and reports, detailed tracking of user behavior, including with a heatmap of clicks, comparing historical data and statistics in real time.

Services for viewing site statistics

To effectively promote your website, you need to be aware of what competitors are taking. If a webmaster can use any of the above counters for his sites, then it is more difficult to obtain detailed information about competitors' sites. However, there are some ways to do this. You may also need data on website traffic indicators if you plan to agree on the placement of advertisements or links to your offers on it.

First of all, it is often possible to find out the site traffic in Google- or Yandex-counters of visitors, which can be open to everyone. Usually, the site visit counter is located at the bottom of the page. However, according to Yandex.Metrica statistics, about 10% of sites leave these statistics publicly available, and most of the commercial pages hide it. If the site uses the Liveinternet counter, then you can view some data by entering in the search bar https://counter.yadro.ru/values?site=ukraine.com.ua with the address of the desired site at the end.

You can also collect statistics using search traffic estimation tools such as SE Ranking. They allow you to find out for what search queries users come to your site and to the sites of competitors, to estimate the share of organic and paid traffic. Although the data is approximate, it helps to assess the niche and navigate the main directions of promotion.

In addition, the collection of statistics from the site can be carried out using the services Alexa and SimilarWeb. Alexa provides statistics on website traffic based on audience demographics. The sources are data collected using the toolbar, as well as purchased from other services. SimilarWeb works in a similar way, which also buys data from ISPs and uses its own search bots. It should be borne in mind that the data of such services may be inaccurate for young and small sites.

Alternative method to view site statistics

If you do not need accurate data, and you want to get a quick rough estimate of site traffic, try the following method. Find the site you need in some ranking (for example, Alexa, Liveinternet or Rambler). Look at resources that are ranked in related positions – this means that their attendance is almost the same. Try to find a site with open counters among them. It will be possible to conclude that the "neighbors" site traffic statistics are about the same.

However, it should be borne in mind that this approach does not provide accurate data and is only suitable for a rough estimate.

Top 5 best services we use

In our work, we use several services simultaneously, each of which has its own characteristics. The complex use of tools with different functionality allows you to track site statistics most accurately and use this data to make its promotion and attract new customers as efficient as possible. The following services have proven themselves most well in practice:

Power Bi


Power Bi


Power Bi – business intelligence tool from Microsoft. Its main purpose – analysis of various types of data and presentation of analysis results in the form of visual reports. Services that provide statistics on site traffic can also act as a data source. As a result, it becomes possible to establish relationships between various parameters and identify patterns in the data.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio


Google Data Studio – a tool similar in functionality from Google. Its advantage is easy integration with Google Analytics and Google Ads. Data extracted from various sources is presented in a visual form that makes the reports easy to read. Unlike Power Bi, Google Data Studio is completely free and at the same time allows you to generate different types of reports by combining several types of charts. This approach allows even large amounts of data to be visualized.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics


Google Analytics – free service with wide functionality for tracking user behavior on the site. You can find out the statistics of visits to the site on Google Analytics, see how effectively certain advertising modules work, find out the characteristics of the audience that visits the site, for example, collect data on their geographic location.




Ahrefs – a tool with which site analytics are performed in several directions at once. It includes analytical tools related to SEO promotion. With its help, you can perform keyword analysis, analysis of the link mass, compare the positions of your site with the sites of competitors and, based on this information, form a promotion strategy.

Majestic API


Majestic API – web analytics system, one of the main functions of which is link analysis. With its help, find out which links lead to your site, find out where users are coming from and which links they click on most often. The context in which the links are located is also evaluated. It is also possible to track related sites and sites that link not only to you, but also to competitors.

Thus, the use of these services allows you to cover various aspects of web analytics and track site traffic and other parameters in detail. The more data about a site is received by its owners, the more efficiently they will spend funds on promotion, directing them, first of all, to those channels that lead to an increase in performance. The tools described in this article provide ample opportunities for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data, and therefore for managing website promotion.



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