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How long does a domain name live?

Selection and registration of a domain name in a particular domain zone – necessary components of the website creation process. Although registration is paid, it still does not mean purchasing it for an unlimited period. Domain registration is essentially the right to manage a domain for a paid period. When registering, the domain name is entered into the domain name registry, and at the end of its life cycle, the domain is removed from the register.

Before starting your own business, we recommend that you think about the domain name and be sure to check if it is free. If the name is not taken, you can assume that half the job has already been done. Next, you need to check if it was used earlier.

If the name is clean – you get a completely new domain with zero search engine ranking weight, which you have to raise yourself. If the name has already been used before, then you should check if it is on the black list of search engines.

In this article, we will consider information about what is the life cycle of a domain and what you need to know about the period of its existence.

How is it that I buy a domain name, and it was already in use before?

Yes, such situations are also not uncommon. Many do business of reselling domain names with weight rating and traffic. This URL makes it much easier to start a new business as the site will be higher in the search engine bar.

It also happens that a name is found that has already functioned, but its life has not been extended by the previous owner. In this case, the domain is freely available.

Each domain has its own period of life, which is specified in the registration contract. If the client does not renew the domain after the expiration of the registration period, then it will be deleted. And after that, it becomes possible to re-register.

Each domain, depending on the zone, has its own registration period. It is between 1 and 10 years old.

Life periods of Ukrainian and international domain zones

National and international domain zones have different periods of life. Among the inner ones, .UA domains , .COM.UA , .ORG.UA , NET.UA are the most popular among Ukrainian users.

National domain zones

National domain zones


National domains differ from each other in terms of registration term and lifetime.

Minimum registration period: 1 year.

Maximum registration period: .NET.UA – 2 years, .UA, .COM.UA, .ORG.UA – 10 years.

Renewal period: from 60 to 90 days. It starts 60 days before the end of the domain registration period and lasts 30 days after the end of this period. If the domain name is not renewed within the stated time, it will be removed from delegation.

Recovery period: if the owner did not use the opportunity to renew the domain within the required period, the domain zone falls into the Redemption Period. In other words, during the recovery period – this is the period for which a domain can be restored, but at an increased price, which is set individually by the administrator of each domain zone. But not all domains fall into the Redemption Period, for example, the UA, .COM.UA, .ORG.UA zones have it, and the NET.UA – no.

Removal period: 31 days after the expiration of the domain registration period, the domain name registry is deleted from the register. Exceptions are weekends, holidays and days after the weekend. On the day of deletion, the domain name acquires the pendingDelete status.

International domain zones

International domain zones


International domain zones differ from regional ones in terms of renewal, restoration and deletion.

Minimum registration period: 1 year.

Maximum registration period: from 1 to 10 years.

Renewal period: 40 days. At this time, the renewal will cost the buyer the usual cost.

Recovery period: if after the expiration of the renewal period the use of the domain name has not been renewed, it is transferred to the Redemption Period. In this case, it can be returned 5-10 times more expensive than renewed. Redemption is 30 days.

Removal period: if the name has not been renewed, then it will go to the deletion registry – it happens on the 71st day. In this case, it is no longer possible to restore or extend it.

How to check domain expiration

Domain term information may be needed in a number of situations:

  1. To control the status of your own domain (as an alternative to the domain management office).

  2. To determine the reason for the inactivity of the site. The site may stop displaying for a number of reasons, including the expiration of the domain.

  3. To track a competitor's domain and, if desired, take over an attractive domain.

To determine at what stage of its life cycle a domain is, and to control timely payment, there is a special service – whois. 

To use the service, follow the link https://who.is, specify a domain and see information about it. Thus, you can find out the expiration date of the domain, the date when the domain was registered, as well as when the information was last updated.


If the domain name is not renewed, then, as a result, it will go through the deletion process and will again enter the free registration. If the site has existed for a fairly long period of time, while gaining weight in the ranking of search engines, but for some reason its functioning has come to an end and the domain has become available, then this is a good chance to get a name with no longer zero SEO indicators.

If you plan to continue using your domain name, we recommend that you renew it as soon as possible. Even if you have not yet made a final decision, or are not sure about your future plans, but your site has already received some feedback and traffic, losing the name will be much more problematic than renewing it.

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