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Cyrillic domains: pros, cons

Until about 2010, the domain name system was designed to use domains exclusively in the Latin alphabet. Therefore, there was a tendency to introduce site names into the browser line only in Latin letters.

What has changed today?

Not so long ago, domains began to appear in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, written not in Latin, as is customary in the vastness of the world network, but in Cyrillic. And this gave a number of its advantages, including an excellent opportunity to comfortably use the Internet for those people who experience difficulties in using it.

What are the advantages, disadvantages and tricks of using Cyrillic names?

First, we propose to figure out why Cyrillic domains were created? Their main purpose was to expand the range of domain names for sites in countries where the Latin script is adopted. Which is perfectly logical. To achieve this, a specific conversion method was created in the DNS system (which provides 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and a hyphen), which is called Punycode. This method allows you to convert a Cyrillic domain name into a form that will be understandable by the browser. Basically, all modern browsers already have Punycode built in to understand Cyrillic domain names.


1. Ease of use. Actually, the transition to a language system that is more understandable and simple for a person who does not speak English is the first and main advantage. Indeed, for a Russian-speaking Internet user, it will not only be easier to hear the names of domain names of sites, but it will also be much easier to reproduce them when searching for sites of a similar subject.

2. Benefit for advertisers. In addition, in most cases, domain names actually repeat popular search queries, which provides an excellent opportunity for SEO “to play” on inattention, laziness or inability to use the user's browser, who enters a request into the address bar of the browser instead of entering a phrase in the search engine field. And in this case, it turns out to be on an already registered domain, after which it is redirected to the corresponding site. This method of promotion can be safely called the second advantage of using Cyrillic domains. But for the user himself, such an opportunity can also serve as a significant plus.

3. Problem-free SEO promotion. As for the classic ways of promotion, then site optimization in the Cyrillic domain, it is almost the same as in the Latin. There is only one important point, about which read on .

4. Freedom to choose a domain name. Among other, equally important advantages, one should highlight the existence of a wide base of unused free names in this zone. Cyrillic alternatives allow you to register the original name of your site, which cannot be said about the demanded zones like .com or .ua, where many domains are already taken. This feature allows you to significantly expand the selection branch.


Having covered the main and most key advantages of using Cyrillic domains, let's move on to their disadvantages.

  1. Encoding problems

The first disadvantage to pay attention to – these are encoding problems. In order not to change the structure DNS, Cyrillic characters must be converted to ASCII characters (as already mentioned, Punycode is used for conversion). Experts recommend writing all links without exception to Punycode. Write a link in Cyrillic – then act at your own peril and risk, since there is no guarantee that when such a link is processed by search engines, it will work correctly. In addition, conversion should be used everywhere, even when working on a website. For example, to properly configure robots.txt.

  1. Unable to create corporate mail

Second minus – this is the lack of the ability to create corporate mail, because its address should contain only Latin characters. There is only a possibility to use the address in Punycode, which is very inconvenient.

  1. Links look like spam

Another disadvantage of using the Latin system when registering a domain is problems with links. If the link is anchor, then the converted address can simply be hidden under the anchor. But if the text after “/” written in Latin, then instead of a short beautiful link http://domain.ukr/blog there will be a long, terrible one http://xn--d1acufc.xn--j1amh/%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0% B3.

  1. Limited options in choosing a hosting

Also, when registering a domain name in Cyrillic, it is necessary to select a hosting that supports Cyrillic domain names. This is another stick in the wheel and is a significant challenge.

  1. Disadvantages for English-speaking users

If you are aimed at working not only with a Russian-speaking audience of users, but also plan to go abroad – Cyrillic domains can complicate this process. Since a foreign user may have difficulty accessing the site on the Cyrillic domain. The reason for this may be the absence of a Russian keyboard layout or a simple non-mastery of a foreign language system for him. Quite often, specialists resort to the function “redirect” from Cyrillic domain to “usual” – such a solution makes it possible to simplify the process of using the site by visitors.


We have considered the most essential points that can be encountered when registering Cyrillic domains. Which system should be given preference when registering a domain: Latin or Cyrillic - it's up to you. We hope our article will help you make the right choice!



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