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How to create your own online store in Ukraine with a .UA domain?

How to create your own online store in Ukraine with a .UA domain? The Internet has presented us with many technical solutions with which you can quickly create your own online store and take advantage of all the benefits of e-commerce. These solutions include simple platforms like Wix, using modular principles, as well as complex CMS like Magento or custom-made stores that realize the full potential of online commerce.

With a properly configured online store and product range, you can capture additional markets, conquer new target groups, and increase sales margins by introducing related products. And all this with an extremely cost effective balance. In the long term, having your own website and online store is by far the best way to build your own brand and gain loyal customers.

How to quickly create your own online store - instructions

Selection of industry and product for sale

First of all, you need a good business idea for your online store to reach its full potential.

You can successfully sell portable bakeries, straw hats, or guinea pig clothing online – that is, goods that, at first glance, are not even of secondary importance, but of tertiary importance. You need to choose a niche, occupy it, and follow certain rules to stand out from the competition.

The format of the store will differ depending on the industry and product categories. This is especially true for the choice of name, domain, design and payment formats.

Before you directly start creating it, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my main target audience?

  • Can I compete with competitors?

  • What is the price level of competitors?

  • How long have competitors been on the market?

  • What prices, what quality and what products do they offer?

  • How can I stand out among them?

Let's say you want to sell fishing tackle. If you use Google to search for “fishing gear”, you will receive (as of March 2020) 930,000 search results.

The first page of search results is dominated by online stores that only offer fishing gear, many of which have top domain names like or

Please note that Amazon also offers fishing gear, and the ads on OLX are additional competition for the web. Many stores have been in business for many years, and they are all waging a price war. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to survive as a newcomer in such a market if you do not have a real competitive edge. However, specialized shops, for example, for sea or spear fishing, are much smaller. At first, you can succeed by narrowing the offer and target audience, and offering a special assortment in return.

Choosing the right domain name and title

If you have already drawn up a business plan, calculated a budget and decided on a product segment, the next step is to choose a domain zone and name for your website.

How to choose a domain zone?

If you are only working at the national level, then you should choose the national extension. If you are in Ukraine, select or This will build customer confidence and emphasize your closeness to them.

When working internationally, it makes sense to choose an international expansion. It can be .com or .eu, and when dealing with digital or media products, you can use .net or .org. If you want to be perceived as a large company, .biz or .info is recommended as an extension.

How to choose a domain name?

For a store, you need a good, memorable internet address. According to statistics, more than 20% of buyers return to trading platforms just because they remember the name and it attracts them – even if the price there is slightly higher than that of competitors.

If you are looking for a domain name that will make your company and your brand recognizable at first sight, you should follow the tips below:

  • keep your domain name as short as possible (for example,;

  • use the name of your company or your main business (for example,;

  • use simple words (for example,;

  • use memorable or symbolic number combinations (for example,;

  • use no more than three words (for example,;

  • use NLP principles (eg

The most important rule: short domains are better than long ones. It is easier to remember and less likely to be wrong.

How to register a name with a .UA trademark domain?

Unlike other domain names of various zones and topics, the .ua extension requires compliance with certain rules during registration. First of all, this concerns the legal status – the future owner of the extension must have a registered trademark or text mark. This requirement applies to both residents and legal entities of foreign origin.

According to the law, the presence of a registered trademark is necessary because a trader or manufacturer with a .ua domain represents the state and must meet certain quality standards for the products sold. This rule is defined by ICANN regulation (RFC # 1591, ICP-1).

If you do not already own a registered trademark, you have some paperwork to do. Below are guidelines for obtaining it.

Collecting a package of documents

To apply, you should have the required package of documents, which you can send by regular or e-mail:

  • certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity;

  • registration address of sole proprietorship, and for legal entities also the address for incoming correspondence

  • TM image at 300 dpi extension in .png .jpg or .pdf format. If the sign is a slogan, you need a decoding of its message or description.

  • product type and scope description

  • a notarized power of attorney for registration for legal entities.

In Ukraine, the period for considering an application varies from one and a half months to a year. Depending on the type of expertise and the type of product, it can take place earlier or later, and the process can be accelerated by transferring an increased fee.

Terms and stages of registration:

  • 2 days for processing and submission of documentation and registration of the fact of submission;

  • 6 weeks – 6 months for application processing by Ukrpatent employees – in fast mode. 6-12 months under normal conditions;

  • It takes 2-4 weeks for Ukrpatent employees to publish data on the receipt of a TM registration certificate.

If you extend the validity of an already registered TM, then such an application is processed within 4-8 weeks.

Official registration cost:

  • official contribution to the patent office - UAH 1200. for one class. For additional classes, the cost of 1000 UAH is added for each, and for the picture - 600 UAH;

  • official fee for obtaining a certificate - UAH 170;

  • official contribution UAH 100 to the state budget.

If registration is required using a quick procedure, then the cost increases.

4100 UAH for a word mark, 7500 UAH for a combined sign (word and picture).

If TM contains the word “UKRAINE” or “UA” another UAH 6500 is added.

Remember – Before starting registration, you need to check for free domains or suitable domain names. You should also know that Cyrillic characters, names for domain registrations are transliterated in Latin letters. For example, if your company is called Ukrtranzit, then the domain name will look like this:

During the TM registration process, you can continue to create your online store.

Choosing a platform for an online store

There are 3 main ways in which all online stores are created:

  • website builder, for example, Wix;

  • a site on the CMS engine, for example, Joomla;

  • a site written to order by programmers.

If you have a narrow specialization and few products, it is recommended to choose the first method if there are more than 5 product categories – second. If you are going to work in several market segments, then it makes sense to spend money on writing a unique online store.

A simple store, such as on the Jimdo builder, can be obtained in a very short time. Every experienced Internet user will be able to create it within a day or two. One weekend is often enough to get your online store up and running. The Jimdo Pro package for $ 10 a month allows you to host up to ten products. For stores with more than ten products, Jimdo or Wix charge around € 20 per month.

Implementing a complex online store, in particular with WooCommerce, Prestashop or Magento apps, is a completely different dimension of the project. It is hardly possible for beginners without technical knowledge, as you have to install and configure these open source systems yourself. You also need your own web space (hosting).

Remember - when creating an online store using a modular system, many problems can arise: the number of possible payment methods is often limited, standardized store search and filtering functions give worse results, and special design adjustments are often impossible.

In addition, some of these store building kits do not comply with the complex legal framework for online trading, which may even lead to warning store operators acting on their own responsibility.

Installing and configuring an online store

If you have not ordered technical support for the store from the agency, you need to do it yourself: upload the online store to the previously rented web server and install it.

You can usually find instructions on this from the appropriate knostructor or CMS vendor, but you can also hope for community support. If this is your first time creating an online store, they will usually be happy to help you.

After a successful installation, you need to make several settings such as:

  • available delivery options and time;

  • access to data for your payment provider;

  • design options for pages and presentations;

  • cross-selling functions;

  • site encryption;

  • integration of legal content such as terms and conditions, imprint and data protection declaration;

  • category labels and hierarchy.

Last but not least, when building an online store, the most important thing is overlooked: creating cards for the products you want to sell.

High quality photography, an attractive title and a clear product description and optimal price are the backbone of your e-commerce success.

Setting up an attractive design

If you want to create an eye-catching store with minimal effort and as quickly as possible, we recommend using pre-built themes or design templates. In the CMS, they can be either paid or free, and the designers offer a fairly simple setting of parameters. – for example, the colors of store elements or the layout of the frames.

You can create your own design in a few hours, but, in any case, you should replace the header (site header) with a unique image that matches your activity.

The second important point is the menu. You should use appropriate sizes of menu items, symbols in them and think about style of fonts to improve the user experience.

Also, you should definitely install the gallery and slideshow plugins to present the product images in the best possible way.

The listing gives your customers a good overview of the assortment, and the product details can be scrutinized through the gallery. This will automatically resize your product images to fit the screen during loading. Accordingly, there is no need to worry about calculating the image size suitable for viewing on mobile devices.

Choosing a method of payment for goods

What payment methods an online store has to offer depends, first of all, on the target group. For example, if you appeal to a young target group and only offer payment methods "down payment" and "invoice", you will probably lose sales, but for the older age group this is quite acceptable. Currently, the main payment methods are:

  • PayPal;

  • prepayment;

  • purchase when funds are transferred to an account;

  • credit card such as Visa;

  • direct debit;

  • cash on delivery.

Setting up shipping methods

Determine what shipping options you offer your customers, which regions you ship them to, and how much it costs. Regardless of how you organize your shipment: you should always create and send all invoices from the store administration.

Main delivery methods in Ukraine:

  • delivery by New mail services or delivery carrier;

  • delivery by the national carrier Ukrposhta.

There are also several regional carriers, whose services can be used as alternative delivery methods. Internationally, you can use the DHL service, which has a representative office in our country.

SEO store optimization

One of the most important things too often overlooked by online store founders is SEO.

You don't have to be an SEO pro to create an online store - but you do have to work on the basics ahead of time. SEO is extremely important because, especially in the early stages of a project, there is usually no advertising budget, such as on Google Ads.

Remember - most of your traffic comes from search engines. Finding an online store on Google or Yandex requires a decent SEO structure. This includes collecting the semantic core of the site, embedding keywords in product descriptions, and properly formatted meta tags.

Many online store operators completely ignore the importance of primary optimization. Sure, you can count on SEO agencies, but knowing the basics is also important here. They play an important role in the structure of an online store and in the organization of product categories. SEO is a tool № 1 for each store owner.

Attracting customers through advertising

Whether it's search engine marketing through Google AdWords, sending newsletters to existing customers, or so-called affiliate marketing, the possibilities for engaging visitors through online marketing are enormous.

The main types of customer acquisition in the network:

  • banner advertising;

  • advertising with a redirect;

  • advertising in social networks.

For example, Google offers not only the ability to place text ads, but also customize the display of advertisements or banner ads. The banners are then delivered over the network to websites that host Google ad slots.

Ways to improve store efficiency

The main language used on the Internet is English, but Russian is preferred on the Runet. Also, according to the latest requirements of Ukrainian legislation, at least 50% of content for national online stores must be in Ukrainian.

HTTPS protocol standard

Encrypting your store via HTTPS allows your customers to make secure purchases, as well as increase the attractiveness of the resource for search engines.

Mobile device support

Your store should be optimized for smartphones or tablets so that your customers can shop comfortably and securely from any mobile device as well.

Personal technical training

Remember - it makes sense to understand topics like CMS user manuals and conversion rate optimization before planning your own online store. You don't need to be a professional in all areas. But only those who have an understanding of this can ask the right questions to programmers or agencies and give clear instructions. Knowing these basics can also help you avoid costly mistakes when building an online store.

For the smooth operation of the ordering system for an online store, it is important not only what the store creation tool promises, but also how the developers support you in managing your project.


The possibilities that you have when using a modern, well-structured online store are very great.

But beyond the right products, successful administrative processes, and regular updates, you have to justify your visitors' time and improve their user experience in every way.

Even if an online store is a “tool” with which you are going to increase your sales and expand your target group, you should always remember that - especially for new customers - any mistakes here are quite difficult to forgive. Anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable in a store or on a page, for example, because the menu structure was not easy to understand, will give competitors a chance to win your new customer on their next visit.

Therefore, make sure you have enough time to understand the structure, technology, networks and support, and realize to start a successful business!



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