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How do I sell my domain?

Situations often arise when the owner no longer needs to use a domain name, but at the same time there is someone who is ready to purchase the domain that belongs to him. There can be many reasons for selling a domain name: from the termination of legal relations between the owner and his partner, when the other wants to buy the domain, to the banal sale of the business of which the domain is a part. At the same time, partially returning the money spent on the registration of the domain name, or even fully recouping the costs.

What's the catch?

The ultimate goal of the sale and purchase transaction is domain redelegation – in other words, changes made by the domain name administrator regarding the owner of the domain name.

It is believed that the sale and purchase of a domain itself is quite simple: the buyer simply pays for the declared value of the domain name and gets what he wants.

But the difficulty is that the domain – not a physical thing, but an ordinary record in a database. And there is always the possibility that someone will not get what they want: the buyer – domain after payment, or the seller – money after data transfer. Therefore, often, each of the parties is in no hurry to be the first to fulfill its part of the obligations.

Domain sale: 2 ways to make a deal

In the case when the two parties cannot agree on the terms of the agreement, they need an intermediary, which can be both a person and a specialized service.

Method 1: exchange domains

This site for sale works on the principle of an auction: the domain is put up for sale, and the participants place their bids. After a potential buyer is satisfied with a certain offer – the parties negotiate the terms of the further transaction and draw up it.

Sometimes, exchanges can work according to another principle: the seller independently sets the cost of the domain, after which he waits for those who want to purchase it.

In case of sale on the exchange – she acts as the guarantor of the deal.

The whole process, in most cases, is automated and takes place without the participation of a third party according to the following algorithm:

  • the buyer makes payment on the website;

  • funds are frozen in a separate account;

  • after the seller receives a notification of the crediting of funds, he transfers the rights to ownership of the domain to the buyer;

  • the buyer verifies the data, confirms the transaction and the frozen funds are transferred to the seller's account;

When making a deal on the exchange, participants pay a certain commission: sometimes it can be divided equally between the two parties, sometimes – rests entirely on the shoulders of one of the participants (most often – seller).

Method 2: Deal guarantor

Guarantee – an intermediary who assumes the function of controlling the transaction process and ensures that each of the parties gets what they want. Any person who does not have a specific specialization can become one (he can also act in any other transactions, not only the purchase and sale of a domain). the main thing – find someone with a proven track record and positive feedback. After all, there may be situations in which the guarantor will take both the domain and the money.

How to determine the cost of a domain for sale?

Domain cost is determined by the seller. He can set absolutely any price. The question is whether a potential buyer will agree to it.

In order to calculate the cost of a domain, it is important to know that it depends on the following factors:

  • Domain name length. Shorter domain names are easier to remember and therefore more expensive. Initially, everyone tries to register it if it is busy – trying to buy.

  • Buyer's solvency. For example, the owner of a large company is able to pay an order of magnitude more for a domain than an ordinary person. And he can easily agree to pay several thousand dollars for beautiful domain name that suits his company perfectly.

  • Subject. There are various cheap and expensive themes. If the domain is related to medicine, real estate or insurance – for it you can get a tidy sum. Especially if it's short and pretty.

  • Domain metrics: age, link profile, etc. People are ready to pay for it, because it can help promote the site.

  • Domain zone. Each domain zone also has its own demand. The most expensive zone is .com. Some companies are ready to pay even a million dollars for it.

Advice: if you do not plan to continue using the site, then the domain can be given along with the hosting. And the buyer will already decide – whether to use the services of this hosting provider or switch to another. But if you are planning to create new sites – it is better to leave hosting, on which it will be possible to register a new domain in the future.

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