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How to transfer a domain to another registrar. 2 stages and their inherent nuances

The first thing you need to know is that transferring a domain to another registrar takes several days. Our experience shows that this takes a maximum of 6 days (on average 2-4 days). Typically, the site remains operational during this time. But, depending on who your old registrar is, it may stop working for a while (old DNS records are deleted instantly, and the changes do not take effect yet). Therefore, before transferring a domain to another registrar, we recommend that you study the experience of “moving” from a particular company to other users.

In general, the moving process is not difficult. It can be divided into 2 stages: preparation for transfer on the side of the old registrar and registration of an application on the side of the new one. For all this happens according to the same scenario and everything can be done without the involvement of outside specialists.

Let's look at the process of transferring a domain name using the example of moving to register with us.

Stage №1. Preparing for the transfer on the side of the old registrar

The move starts on the side of your old registrar. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Go to your personal account. If you forgot your login information, see below.
  2. In it you need to find the section "My Domains" (or something similar). Usually it is located in the category "Services", "My services", etc.
  3. Next, the "Domain Transfer" service is selected. Someone will have in the title "Transfer", "Moving", "Transfer" or something similar. It all depends on the registrar.
  4. Next, you will need to fill out a form with contact information to send information on the transfer and the domain itself, as well as the method of receiving the transfer code.

After that, the registrar sends you the transfer code (aka "AUTH CODE") using the method specified in the application.

What to do if domain access is lost

If you registered it for yourself, but do not remember the mail and other data that were used at the same time, you can use any WHOIS service to see which contacts you specified during registration. After that, you can apply for access restoration. But at the same time, of course, you must have access to the phone number and email specified during registration.

If the domain was registered for someone else or for a third-party company, resolve issues with access with them.

IMPORTANT . Some companies require the identification and legal name of the new registrar for the transfer. We have ua.ukraine and Hosting Ukraine LLC, respectively.

Stage №2. The application is not transferred to the new registrar

In the case of our company, an application for a transfer is made through a personal account in the "Domain Transfer" section. Other registrars also have similar sections.

Everything is simple here:

  • the domain name is indicated in a special form;
  • after that the system analyzes it;
  • if everything is fine, you will be prompted to enter the transfer code;
  • upon completion of its entry, an invoice is generated (includes an extension for 1 year), after payment of which the transfer is made.

Upon completion of the transfer, a notification is sent to the mail indicated in the personal account. Everything, you can use it.


Exercise domain transfer for service to "Hosting Ukraine".

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