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Virtual server or physical. 3 reasons for physical and 5 for VPS

What to choose? Renting a dedicated server or a virtual one? Both options have the right to life. But still, each has its own nuances that make them the right choice for specific situations.

Our technical specialists have systematized the features of the physical and virtual server for you to make your choice easier.

When price matters. The first argument in favor of a VPS

The main argument in favor of VPS is the rental price. The difference in costs between a virtual and a physical server can reach 70% (or even more) in favor of VPS .

Given the capabilities of modern virtualization technologies, using a VPS, you get resources comparable to a physical machine. Accordingly, if there is no difference… Then you yourself know.

Still, a physical server is sometimes better. 3 arguments in favor of it

Consider a dedicated server in the following cases:

  • For large projects with high traffic. If you have a site that receives more than 50,000 unique visitors, while there is a large number of database calls, "heavy" scripts are used, this option will definitely be more. At the same time, if the web resource is static (for example, an information site), 50,000 unique ones per day (or even more) can easily pull a normal VPS.
  • If you need access to equipment and require maximum authority when working with hardware.
  • No bottlenecks that virtual machines might have. Whatever one may say, but VMs do not always run the way you want. Bottlenecks are found in the processor, memory, storage, etc.

And now the 4 remaining pluses of the virtual server

Our experience shows that for about 80% of web resources (sites, corporate portals, business process management systems, etc.), when choosing between a virtual server or a physical one, you can safely give preference to the former.

And that's why:

  • Have VPS easier to change configuration . Thanks to the use of modern virtualization technologies, you can literally increase RAM, processor power and other parameters on the fly.
  • Independence from a specific physical machine. For example, we use clusters of many computers to support the operation of virtual servers. If one of them fails, the virtual machine can be easily transferred to another.
  • Ease of administration. It is the provider's responsibility to keep the physical servers running. When renting a VPS, you can do without on-staff IT specialists.
  • The ability to pay only for the resources used. In the case of VPS, it is common practice to pay only for those resources that are actually used. You will not have to overpay for “idle” capacities.

And further… VPS will allow you not to be tied to a specific tariff and even a provider. After all, it is much easier to make a copy of a virtual machine for "moving".

What to choose? You decide. We looked at the features of both options. If you cannot decide what to choose - a virtual server or a physical one, contact the experts of our company. They will help you choose the right option, taking into account the peculiarities of the web resource.



Order hosting and choose a domain in the company "Hosting Ukraine".

We have a high-quality and reliable service, a convenient control system through the admin panel, intelligent security systems and technical support, which will help to resolve all emerging issues at any time of the day.

Our prices: SSD hosting from 1$, VPS on SSD from 12$, Cloud (cloud) hosting from 3$, cloud VPS from 6$.

Join Hosting Ukraine and we will take care of the technical side of your business.


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