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From hosting sites to protecting information: what is a virtual server for?

Not everyone can afford to buy or even rent a physical server. And this is where modern virtualization technologies come to the rescue. In particular, our company uses XEN technology. Thanks to it, virtual servers are obtained - copies of physical ones. And it costs several times cheaper (up to 2-5) of real hardware.

So what can you use virtual servers (VPS) for? Let's figure it out.

Site hosting

Someone will say: "So there is an inexpensive shared hosting, why start a whole server?" This is partly a correct observation. But practice shows that for many projects "neighborhood" with other sites is critical. And the XEN virtualization technology we use will eliminate the mutual influence of hosting neighbors on each other.

To host specialized software

1C products, CRM-, BPM-, ERP-systems, accounting tools, IP-telephony, etc. - most specialized software products require a server. In most cases, buying equipment and equipping a server room in the office is a "so-so" option. Why bother when you can rent a VPS?


If it is important for you to ensure a high level of information security and exclude unauthorized access to data circulating in the company's LAN, you need a virtual server. A VPN server is organized on its basis, which is a kind of "filter" between the computers of your company's network and the Internet.

Other use cases for virtual servers

Our clients use VPS for other purposes as well. The company has solutions for:

  • Deployment of mail servers. This is to ensure the stable operation of mail, if the company has a large volume of correspondence, there is a need to organize e-mail mailings, etc.
  • To ensure the operation of security systems and access control systems. Video surveillance and other security features are best isolated from others. And this can be done just with the help of VPS.
  • For development needs. Our virtual servers are popular with software companies. With their help, testing and debugging of software products occurs. VPS, if necessary, can be easily adapted to the needs of specific software.
  • When computing power is needed, and the computers in the company's workplaces are not very powerful. Remote desktops can be deployed on a VPS. All calculations will be performed on the server side, and the user computer connected to it via the Internet, in fact, will be used as a monitor to display the results.


We see that there are many options for using virtual servers. Do you need a VPS? Please contact our technical specialists. They will analyze the project (features of the company's work) and help determine this.



Order hosting and choose a domain in the company "Hosting Ukraine".

We have a high-quality and reliable service, a convenient control system through the admin panel, intelligent security systems and technical support, which will help resolve all emerging issues at any time of the day.

Our prices: SSD hosting, VPS on SSD, Cloud (cloud) hosting, cloud VPS

Join Hosting Ukraine and we will take care of the technical side of your business.


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