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Influence of hosting on website promotion

Website promotion is influenced by a large number of various, both external and internal factors, this is high-quality useful content and ease of use of the resource, seo optimization, trust in the resource and user assessment, as well as many others. One of the important factors is the hosting on which the site is hosted. At first glance, its impact is less obvious, but experienced SEO professionals know that this factor should not be overlooked.

Let's figure out what technical parameters of hosting and how exactly affect website promotion.

Hosting is a service for the provision of technical resources for placing a site on a server with constant access to the network, and the speed of promotion of the site hosted on it will largely depend on the quality of this service.

Snap to geographic location

The best option is when the server that hosts the site is located in the same region as the main target audience. This enables search engines to correctly bind the site to the region in which it is located, and will also reduce the length of the data transmission path, which means it will increase the response time and the speed of loading the site. The last parameter is most important for sites that contain a large number of graphics, videos and dynamic elements. The optimal response time is not less than 200 ms, and a decrease in this indicator will have a very negative effect on the download speed.

Website loading speed

In addition to the geographical location of the server, the speed of loading a site is greatly influenced by the technical characteristics of the server itself, the degree of its load, the performance of programs and hardware components. As a rule, these indicators can be assessed in practice using a test period for a hosting service by choosing a suitable tariff plan.

Server neighbors

If you choose virtual hosting for placement, you need to take into account that other web resources will be located on the same server along with your site. All of them will have a common IP address, common server characteristics and share the available RAM among themselves. If the tariff plan is selected optimally, then such a neighborhood does not technically interfere with the operation of the site, but there are times when a fraudulent site with prohibited content is located in the neighborhood, a site that distributes programs with malicious code or a "traffic generator" - all this can lead to a decrease in the speed of the site , negatively affect the position in search engines, it can be ignored by search robots, and the site can be blocked.

As a rule, large hosting companies monitor their IP addresses, identify malicious sites that can negatively affect the quality of the hosting provided, and promptly respond to complaints. Therefore, seo website promotion may directly depend on the reliability of the hosting company and the quality of the services it provides.

Continuity of work

Uptime or uptime of a site is another important indicator that affects the promotion. Its optimal value is at least 99.9% - this is the percentage of uninterrupted operation of the total amount of time the site has been functioning, even a slight decrease in this parameter tells search engines that from time to time the site may be inaccessible to users. The inaccessibility of a page while a search robot visits it leads to a drop in the site's positions, which immediately negatively affects seo promotion. It is easy to determine uptime by yourself by connecting the "Metrica" counter. For this purpose, you can use external services: ping-admin.ru, host-tracker.com.

Large hosting companies are making a lot of efforts to ensure the stability of their servers, information about this can be found on the sites of hosters, as well as personally make sure that your site will work stably in practice using the test period.

Hosting from Hosting Ukraine

The influence of hosting on the SEO promotion of a website is obvious, so at Hosting Ukraine we are constantly working to optimize our services, strengthen our IT infrastructure, carry out a technical upgrade of our servers, and increase the reliability of our hosting.

We have a unique system for monitoring equipment operation, the task of which is not only to notify about problems, but also to analyze precedents and predict their occurrence. Also, thanks to cloud solutions, we distribute the load on the hosting servers so that all sites work quickly. And in case of problems or the need to update the equipment, we migrate sites between hosting servers, which allows you to transfer the site to another server in the cloud without stopping it.

Among the company's services there are different tariff plans, which primarily differ in functionality and technical characteristics.

Before placing a website on a hosting, you need to answer yourself the following questions:

What is the purpose of the site?

Analysis of the subject matter, niche in general, demand for a product and so on, will give more understanding in terms of site traffic.

What is the expected site load?

For example, if this is a news portal, then most likely you need to think about protecting against Ddos attacks. Choosing the right hosting package will help eliminate possible problems with this kind of attacks.

Where is the target audience located locally?

Choosing the right GEO will allow you to better promote the site in the region to which the site's domain zone and IP are linked.

How fast will the audience grow and, accordingly, the site traffic?

Through the Google Trends tool, you can predict, you can also analyze competitors through services such as SimilarWeb and see what traffic is among those in the top 10.

Choosing the right CMS for your site is also an important issue. If this is an online store, then most likely the Joomla platform is suitable. If you need a business card or corporate website, then many will advise Wordpress.

You can read about the influence of various factors, including CMS, in this article.

In accordance with the identified needs, you can choose a package of services that will be optimal in terms of technical parameters and have a positive effect on seo promotion. For example, for a small site, the Basic package may be suitable, and for corporate sites, popular blogs and online stores, the functioning of which affects the efficiency of the business, as well as for web studios with an increased demand for server resources, the best choice is Business hosting. This type of professional hosting makes it possible to smoothly increase server resources as your Internet project grows.

Whichever package of services you choose initially, if you need additional resources, you can painlessly switch to a package with more advanced functionality and a large amount of RAM.

By placing your site on the servers Hosting Ukraine you will receive a high-quality and easy-to-manage service, optimal loading speed, smooth operation of your site, security of your data and promptly working technical support in the mode 24/7/365.



Order hosting in the company “Hosting Ukraine” . With us you can choose the package of services that will best meet the needs of your business.

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