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How to add a site to search engines

Registration with leading search engines – the only way to get a lot of traffic to your pages and attract a significant number of visitors.

Below we will explain how you can add your resource to Google, Bing and others for free. Site administrators have several ways to register their own home page and individual pages with search engines and index them.

Adding a site to search engines

Anyone involved in promotion often faces the problem that their own (mostly new) site was not found by search engines. Most of the time, this is simply because people are inherently very impatient, and the time it takes to auto-index seems like an eternity.

It should be remembered that indexing a new resource does not occur immediately – it can take from three to four days to a month, depending on the quality of the SEO optimization.

You also need to consider the volume and relevance of the content. – sites with a lot of content that are well organized and have the right keywords, descriptions, meta tags, sitemap, and robots.txt file are indexed better.

But if you do not want to wait for a search bot to come to you, it is worth doing a manual registration.

Adding a site to Google

This search engine is the undisputed leader in searching from computers, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, a Google search engine listing is of the utmost importance to resource administrators and is the most important channel when it comes to making a resource available to the user.

If you want to register your website with Google or enter individual URLs for indexing, you need access to the Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) - registration is free!



If you just want to tell Google that your homepage is available, you can easily register and submit your URL directly. By submitting your URL, you can add the resource to a Google search engine or apply to Google to list your page - however, you have no control over at what point in time this happens.

Adding a site to Yandex

It is the most popular search engine for users from the Russian Federation. You can optimize your site for SEO on Yandex to attract more visitors from this country.

The first thing you need to do is log into your Yandex Webmaster Tool account. If you do not have a Yandex account, you can create one for free.


Adding a site to Yandex hosting Ukraine


After registration is completed, the Yandex webmaster tools page will open. Here you should click the "+" button at the top of the page and simply add the resource to the search engine.

Adding a site to Yandex hosting Ukraine


Next, you must register the resource address in the required field and click the "Add site" button

Adding a site to Yandex hosting Ukraine


Adding a site to Bing


Adding a website to Bing hosting Ukraine


Registering a resource in Bing is done by simply adding a URL. Just enter the URL of your home page in the corresponding input field, enter the captcha and confirm your entry by clicking "Submit". Unfortunately, we again face the problem that we cannot influence the further course of indexing.

Another more efficient way to register your own site with Bing is to use all the features of the service. – there you can access many useful tools and see how well your resource is indexed in Bing Search. Access is via a Microsoft account, which you can sign up for free if necessary.

Adding a site to Nigma

This search engine is also a Russian product. In order to work in it you must have an account. Registration is free and does not present any particular difficulties.


Adding a site to Nigma hosting Ukraine


After clicking on the link from the Services menu, the registration page will open. We must register the resource address, mail and the approximate update frequency.

Next, click the Save button – and we are waiting for the search robot to come to us.

Nigma is a very original search engine with many technical functions, but it is not very popular and the percentage of traffic from it usually does not exceed 10-12%.

Adding a site to Search

In Russia, the Mail.Ru service has a fairly significant weight and is used not only as a mailbox. It has its own search engine, which is the third most popular in the country.

The service buys outdated Yandex developments and will bring you good additional traffic if your resource has high positions in this system.

Adding a site to Search hosting Ukraine



Resource registration takes place in two stages. First you need to create a personal account. Then you enter the url of your page and click Continue.


When you do this, you will be prompted to participate in the ranking and register in the catalog. Both should be used to increase positions. According to statistics from the Mail.Ru service, you can expect from 15 to 20% of traffic when targeting Russian visitors.

Adding a site to

This service was made by Ukrainian developers, but in the country itself it is only in fourth place in popularity. However, it has a very powerful directory, registration in which is required to attract regional users.

To add a resource, you must register in the system

Then you go to the registration section. Here you should fill in the address fields, add keywords. You will also need to enter the name and description. Some webmasters recommend adding a unique description that is slightly different from what you have on the resource.


Adding a site to hosting Ukraine


After that you will be asked to choose 2 headings of the catalog.

Adding a site to hosting Ukraine


Next, you will need to enter the address, contact name and update frequency. Everything – site addition completed – all that remains is to click the Save button.


Adding a site to hosting Ukraine


At first glance, the process seems quite tedious, but in the end you will receive up to 20% of traffic from Ukrainian visitors.


Manual registration in search engines can significantly speed up the visit of robots to your pages. If you are, for example, in online sales or marketing and want to get leads as quickly as possible, you should use the methods above and enter the site address into each of the search engines.

Also, when preparing to register your resource, you should make sure that it is optimized for search engines and visitors.



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