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Ranking factors

Influence of HTML tags on keyword weight for a page

  TITLE 100%
  H1-H6 71%
  STRONG 34%
  Description 31%
  B 27%
  EM 25%
  P 24%
  Keywords 24%
  UL -> LI & OL -> LI 13%

Influence of HTML tag bindings on keyword weight for a page

  Keyword in H1-H6 & Keyword in P 54%
  Keyword in STRONG, B, EM & keyword on page 34%
  Keyword in KEYWORDS and keyword on page 27%
  Consistent use of headers 24%
  Intersection of tags STRONG, B, EM & A href =… -8%
  Intersection of tags H1-H6 & A href =… -9%
  Repeat headings H1, H1, H1 -15%
  Intersection of tags H1-H6 & STRONG, B, EM -25%

Contents of headings H1-H6, TITLE

Direct occurrence of the keyword in the title 84%
  The uniqueness of the title in relation to all pages of the site 48%
  The proximity of the heading (H1-H6) to the beginning of the document 47%
  The proximity of the keyword to the beginning of the title 43%
  Header length 36%
  Grammatically correct heading content 35%
  Uniqueness of the title in relation to all sites in the index 33%
  Diluting the title with non-keywords 18%

Content of paragraph elements STRONG, EM, B

  Direct occurrence of a keyword 37%
  Diluting an element with non-keywords 19%

Keyword ranking

  The presence of a direct occurrence of the keyword in the text of the page 94%
  Keyword wordform with part-of-speech preservation 66%
  The presence of both a direct occurrence of the key and its word form 65%
  Keyword wordform with part-of-speech change 40%
  Keyword case matching 28%
  Removing parts of a compound phrase from each other -77%

Page text

  % of unique content in relation to the entire index 82%
  % of unique content in relation to the entire site 76%
  Various text design 47%
  Closeness of keywords to the top of the page 45%
  Correspondence of the amount of text on the page to the sites of competitors 40%
  Select a paragraph of text in a tag


  Availability of content in a foreign language 5%
  High density of keywords on the page -5%
  Concentration of repetitions of a keyword at one point -22%
  Aligning text markup visually with regular text -35%
  Encoding errors -52%
  Content visibility (we're talking about effects like display: none) -57%


  301 redirect when the page address is constantly changing 67%
  The absence of a significant number of 404 errors on the site 64%
  Using 404 response codes for 404 pages 63%
  High server uptime 63%
  High speed of document loading 57%
  Response time 53%
  1-step construction of redirects 40%
  302 redirects when the page address is temporarily changed 30%
  Server geographic area 27%


  The presence of a keyword in the domain name 83%
  The presence of a keyword in transliteration in the page address 71%
  The presence of a keyword in the category name 61%
  The presence of a keyword in the title of the document 59%
  The presence of a keyword in English in the page address 49%
  CNC 48%
  The presence of the word form of the keyword in the page address 45%
  Part of the keyword in the page URL 37%
  Large nesting depth of a category with a document -7%

Age factors

  Indexing age 83%
  Dynamics of the appearance of unique content on the site 59%
  Domain age 55%
  Age of page URL 55%
  The dynamics of the appearance of content on the site 51%
  Age of content on the page 46%

Influence of images on ranking

  Keyword in ALT images 47%
  Keyword in image title 43%
  Keyword in TITLE pictures 36%

Geographic location

  Specifying regions in Yandex.catalog 95%
  Availability of addresses and phone numbers of regional branches on the site 87%
  Geographic proximity of the office to the promoted region 77%
  References to regional centers in the text of pages 64%


  Limit the number of outbound internal links 66%
  Block outgoing external links from indexing 53%
  Using pass-through links for internal linking 18%
  The page links to another page multiple times -2%
  The page links to itself -6%


  Using free public CMS -25%
  Using standard templates -38%

Site map

  Sitemap availability 58%
  Sitemap relevance 54%
  The presence of a page in the sitemap 48%
  Specifying the priority of indexing pages in the sitemap 40%

Interaction with Yandex

  Site presence in Yandex.webmaster 23%
  The fact of unloading backlinks -12%
  The fact of previously imposed sanctions -54%

External factors


External links selection criteria

  A small number of external links from the donor page 96%
  A small number of external links from the donor site 96%
  Availability of a donor site in Yandex.catalog 76%
  Large age of the donor site 74%
  Content uniqueness in relation to pages in the index 72%
  Good position of the donor site in the PS 72%
  A large number of incoming internal links to the page 69%
  Uniqueness of content in relation to site pages 69%
  A large number of sites linking to the donor site 69%
  Matching keywords in content and link text 68%
  Large age of the donor page 65%
  Few internal links from the page 63%
  Topics of external links from the donor page 62%
  Donor page nesting level 60%
  Topics of the content of the donor page to the acceptor site 59%
  Lots of content on the page 57%
  A large number of indexed pages 57%
  High traffic of the donor site 57%
  High TCI of the donor site 56%
  Topics of the donor site to the acceptor site 56%
  Number of indexed pages 56%
  Presence of a donor site in DMOZ 54%
  High PR of the donor page 53%
  High traffic to the donor page 53%
  High number of references to donor domain in the index 51%
  Links from blogs 50%
  Site uptime 47%
  High number of references to donor domain in the index 51%
  Link proximity to top of page in HTML 43%
  Links from social networks 43%
  Domain zone .ru 38%
  Expensive links 7%

Link text

  Using direct keyword occurrence 100%
  Using the word form of a keyword 81%
  Using keyword dilution links 78%
  Links from articles 75%
  Reality of link text 57%
  Using near-reference text 56%
  Links without entering keywords in the text 54%
  Specifying a geographic area in link text 53%
  Grammatically correct link texts 46%
  Uniqueness of link text 43%
  Picture links 41%

Factors in dynamics / average

  Smooth dynamics of the growth of external links 88%
  % of the growth of links per month of the total mass 79%
  Ratio of straight to diluted keys in the anchorlist 68%
  The density of keywords in the anchor list 56%
  Abrupt removal of external links -100%

Site participation in additional Yandex services and other resources

  Links to the site from the largest industry sites 94%
  Yandex.address 51%
  The presence of corporate blogs and pages on social networks 47%
  YandexMarket 32%
  Yandex.Direct 24%

Behavioral factors


User satisfaction with site content

  User satisfaction with site content 100%
  Ease of use of the site 95%
  Low bounce rate 79%
  High viewing depth 73%
  Transitions to the site from bookmarks or through the browser line 71%
  Impact of clicks on a link on the weight transferred by it 68%
  Site traffic from other sources 61%
  The presence of a Yandex.metrica counter on the site 59%
  Links in email 32%

Search by pictures


Image ranking factors

  Keywords in ALT 100%
  Keywords in the file name 96%
  Keywords in H1 79%
  Keywords in TITLE 77%
  Keywords in the text of the page 77%
  The presence of description text on the page 72%
  The uniqueness of the pictures 65%
  Optimal image size 61%
  Keyword in the URL of the image page 60%
  Thematic focus of the site (photo bank, etc.) 58%
  The presence on the page of pictures in different sizes 33%



Factors Affecting Affiliate Filter Imposition

  Registrar match -16%
  Coincidence or proximity of domain registration dates -22%
  Match in CMS -26%
  Are the link growth rates the same? -26%
  Hosting match -32%
  Do domain names partially match -43%
  Link weight match -49%
  IP matches -59%
  Do the data on the organization on the website and in the reference -68%
  Do sites link to each other -72%
  Owner information matched -79%
  Does the content match -93%
  Do the contact details match -99%
  Do the addresses and organization names match -100%























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