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Top 15 link shortening services

Sometimes a link to interesting content on a site is particularly long and inconvenient to read. If you want to recommend a page, for example on Twitter, you can only enter a limited number of characters in one post, and a long link will take up the entire space. A link shortener can help here.

Why are short links needed?

A short URL is not only perfect for social networks like Facebook or Twitter, it's also easier to remember or type in a browser.

Affiliate programs especially like to shorten links as they are necessary for customer service and often get very long due to the many parameters of the sections. Such links look very ugly, especially when advertising via email

By shortening the link, you also save space. For example, a link with more than 50 characters takes up twice as much space in the document as it is 49.

In addition, shortened URLs also retain minimal amounts of data that can be important, especially with QR codes or NFC tags.

A QR code with a short link looks much clearer, is easier to scan, and can also be scanned at a small size, while a QR code with a long URL is scanned only with a large fingerprint size.

There are three main options for creating short links:

  1. Shortening links via external short link providers.
  2. Link / redirect when accessing webspace. If you have your own web space (hosting), it is usually possible to access it via FTP as well. In this case, there is a redirection / forwarding of links via htaccess. To do this, you first need to create a short internal URL and specify a redirect.
  3. Link / redirect via plugins. For example, when using WordPress, there are over ten different plugins that redirect or shorten links.

Please remember that URL shortening must comply with data protection regulations

Many link shorteners such as,,,, and others do not provide data protection requirements. They not only generate a short URL, but they also store the IP address of the link user and collect statistics on the number of clicks, their origin, the browser used, etc. And all this happens without prior notification of the user and obtaining his consent.

However, these services are still used by hundreds of thousands of website owners, since not all information resources require personal protection.

Best link shortening services

1. Bitly is the most popular service for short addresses

Bitly creates links in the form "".

On the Bitly site, all you have to do is copy your link in the box above and click "Shrink". A short address will be generated immediately.

You can also sign up for Bitly for free and use a variety of statistics and link management tools.

The service also helps track broken links. If you put a plus sign behind such a link, you can view statistics for it and see how often the link is clicked. This also works with any other link, not just your own.


2. – simplicity and functionality functions the same as Access to this service is possible without registering with Google. It also has some pretty handy URL stats and the ability to track resource security.

To be able to view statistics, add between "" and for example "AhnxR" section "/ info /". Then becomes This works for every link, even if you didn't create one yourself.

But in the near future, Google will close this service.

3. – German security

The short link service operates from Germany, ensures high privacy and checks all links for possible malware and phishing attacks.

URL shortening "" complies with data protection. The service does not store personal or other data of users. It also provides additional options, for example, defining the expiration date and the function of dereferencing when following a link.

Enter your desired URL and click "Check Availability". Leave the input field blank to generate a random short link.



4. – the oldest link shortening service has been offering the same URL shortener for years, which works the same way as before. For ten years, the design of the site has not even changed.

By simply bookmarking the link, you can quickly get to shorten your links. It is one of the fastest and most convenient tools. It can generate QR codes for business cards or advertisements so that users can also receive your links in the same way.

You can automatically check your link statistics using the preview feature. Links will always be available since they do not change after creation. Another great feature is that you can also customize the links after creation to make them unique to your brand.


5. TinyURL – strict classics

The links from TinyURL are not as short as on other services, but they offer one advantage: with the service, you can create separate short URLs and enter text after the domain.


On, you will find two text boxes where you can simply enter a long link and, if desired, the exact text of the exit link.

6. Rebrandly - modern and simple link shortener

Like, the service is well structured and easy to use. In addition to URL shortening, there are several additional features available to you after registration. Registration is not required for the URL shortening feature.

The service allows you to edit already created links, which is not available in not every shortening tool.

There is a free account that allows you to create 1000 short links. Tariff plans range from $ 19 to $ 99. per month depending on the desired number of links.



7. AdLinkFly – service for short URL e-commerce

AdLinkFly is a unique resource designed for monetized short links, similar to monetized shortlinks like AdFly and

The service has a wide API functionality, a convenient administrative panel and access to all social networks. It has proven itself well for advertisers, referral solutions and various affiliate networks.


8. – link shortener for social networks

Hootsuite is the most popular social media management tool. is a special feature in Hootsuite that allows you to shorten your links for use on social media or elsewhere.

If you are already a Hootsuite user, you can access from the Hootsuite dashboard. From there, you will also be able to view analytics for shortened URLs.


  • shows the effectiveness of the URL;

  • does link retargeting;

  • keeps track of short links;

  • supports mobile platforms;

  • monitors rank;

  • demonstrates social value.


9. – tactical link shortener

The online URL shortener is very easy to use. You can use it with or without registration. If you sign up for an account, you will also be able to access data on how your links work and who is using them from where. Alternatively, you can have your own personal domain associated with your business.

Links created with never expire, so you don't have to worry about broken links.



10. – browser support

You may know as a popular computer security company. But they also offer a URL shortening tool. In addition to shortening, the service can also provide information about where the shortened link came from. This adds reliability if the user is not sure if they should click on the link.

The service can provide you with the original link so you know if it's safe to click on it. When using a browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the plugin can be added directly to it. This means that when you are on a page for which you need a shortened link, you only need to press one button.It is very convenient and saves copying time.


11. – service with recommendations is another tool that can help shorten links owned by the Stumbleupon website. Stumbleupon, This is a service that recommends publications and resources to its users.

This is a great site to visit if you're bored and looking for interesting content related to topics you like. The service allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook, and is ideal if you are looking for short links for the two social networks.

When you use as a URL shortening tool, it allows users to like or comment on your posts. This information is then stored in your account and can give you statistics about posts posted on social media.


12. Polr – link shortener for brands

Polr is a URL shortener known for its standalone hosting feature. The Service has a demo page that many other URL shorteners do not. This allows you to try out the service before agreeing to the terms of use.

Other benefits of using Polr are that you can get analytics on how your links are performing and the ability to self-post. This allows you to give URLs to any brand you want.



13. BudURL – perfect tracking

BudURL is a pretty functional solution that allows you to shorten URLs for posts on social media, in emails, and wherever. An interesting feature of this tool that sets it apart from others is that it offers extensive tracking and management features. This tool also provides 100% privacy and control, as well as the ability to publish your link and change destination later.

By simply clicking a button, you can see how many people have clicked on your link. Link shortening with BudURL guarantees data flexibility and the company promises that your security will never be compromised!


14. – Franco's project

When you visit, you are greeted by an adorable cow. Just copy and paste the link you want to shorten into the box and click "Moo!", created by Rodrigo Franco, is a free URL shortening service that he created as a call to other services. Rodrigo, as a software engineer, has many other projects. In this case, his goal was to create an easy-to-use URL shortener for those who need it.

The service is ideal for those who want to shorten a few links for the first time. If you're just getting started with link shortening and want to experiment, is the right place for you.



15. – arabic chic

Most of's traffic comes from Saudi Arabia. When registering, you will have access to full statistics and tools for working with brands. In addition, this service allows you to shorten several links at once, and in paid tariffication, a reduction to 100 is available at the same time.

The Mobile-Friendly test shows that is well optimized for mobile and tablet, which is rare among link shorteners.




Shortened links are fine if you don't want to send long cryptic URLs by email, print them on sheets, or translate them into QR codes. As for social networks, they are generally irreplaceable in them, as they increase brand awareness.

However, you should make sure that the link is used without restriction in important places that should link to the website in the long run. Otherwise, it may happen that the shortened address suddenly stops working at some point.



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