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Top 10 Email Marketing Services




Email Marketing – subtle art! After all, it can not only serve as a faithful assistant in attracting leads, but also annoyingly scare away users, which will significantly affect the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, the choice of a mailing list service is not so simple, and we advise you to approach this process systematically, analyzing many different options, weighing all the pros and cons. To make your task at least a little easier and save your precious time – we have compiled our list with an overview of the best, in our opinion, email distribution services:

  1. MailChimp

  2. UniSender

  3. Sendinblue

  4. SendPulse

  5. SendSay

  6. BenchMark

  7. Zoho Campaigns

  8. Vertical Response

  9. Coga System

  10. Mail365

What "Email marketing service"?

An email distribution service is the automated sending of emails to a specific group of recipients. It is one of the main tools for comprehensively achieving the goals of your email or direct marketing business. Simply put, it helps you effectively manage and control the process of communicating with your audience via email.

Email marketing is used by 82% of the world's marketers as the primary tool for increasing leads and conversion rates. There are other marketing strategies out there, but email marketing has proven itself to be one of the best.

Plus, email marketing is cost effective with the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to other strategies.

Why is it important to make the right choice?

Almost everyone can create a beautiful and informative newsletter, but how to choose the right service with which you will send it? The number of such programs is growing every day, the creators promise the user convenient functions in exchange for his bank data (even for the trial version). But no one gives guarantees that the service you have chosen will meet all your expectations and help to complete the tasks.

So what tasks should a well-chosen email marketing service solve? We have compiled our list of the main goals and results that can be achieved with its help:

  • informing customers about innovations, the appearance of new functions, publications on the site, in social. networks, as well as advertising new products and services;

  • establishing two-way communication with the addressee through “alive” communication, which is an important factor in building customer confidence in your brand;

  • "segmentation" a mailing list and the creation of mailings of personalized content, which will be based on the preferences and interests of customers, which will also help in building a target audience

  • an increase in the number of repeated and pre-orders of goods and services, which will significantly affect the increase in sales;

  • maintaining / improving your productivity by simplifying the messaging process (which in the case “manual” sending can take quite a long time);

  • analysis of the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy: for example, a mailing list service will help you track the dynamics of reading your messages by the addressee or the likelihood of clicking on the link indicated in it – which will give you an overall picture of how your marketing campaign is performing and better customize it later.

So, given the real possibilities of email marketing, choosing the right tool can be a game changer. After all, the right approach to choosing a service can give a strong impetus to the formation of loyalty to your brand and the development of your business.

The best email marketing services

Most of the email marketing services are paid, however most of them offer a trial version. Therefore, you can test several of them and choose whichever one fully meets your expectations. In this article, we have selected the top 10, in our opinion, email marketing services.

1. MailChimp

Mail Chip Hosting Ukraine


Mail Chimp – one of the most popular email newsletter services, whose audience (according to SimilarWeb) – 42 million unique visitors per month.

Interface and support language: English

Free version limitations: up to 2,000 subscribers, up to 12,000 emails per month

Integration with external services: Google, Facebook, Shopify, Tilda. Also via API.

Ideal for: content projects, small business.


  1. Marketing-driven automation. Most recently, automation was on MailChimp's paid options list and is now available to all users. It is quite easy to understand the principles of its operation, even if you are not very friendly with programming, because the tasks in it are united by logical blocks. Simple chains triggered by certain types of triggers are very easy to create and edit. In analytics, you see statistics not only for individual trigger emails, but for the entire chain.
  2. Landing pages and advertising. This service provides the ability to generate landing pages within it, as well as add advertisements to the message threads. Excellent tools accompanying this niche.
  3. Integration with a large number of platforms. Since the service is a world leader – most companies integrate with it on their own, which gives it a special advantage.
  4. Tracking completed goals. With the help of the Analytics360 function (which is available only for pro-accounts), it is possible to track conversions, income, achieved goals, calculate ROI. This is a really valuable report, which is not available, for example, in eSputnik.
  5. Manual customization of everything related to subscription forms. Manually adjust the appearance of forms and pages for subscription, unsubscribe, data refresh, pop-ups and static forms. Easily install the generated code on the site.

Key benefits: mobile preview, templates, Google Analytics integration, multi-user account access.

Disadvantages: high subscription cost (from $ 20 per month) and an English-language interface. There is another disadvantage that MailChimp may also not like. – this is segmentation, since it is very difficult to carry out any manipulations with groups here without doubling the size of your tariff plan. Not to mention that if one user is on three different lists, in order to leave the base, he will have to unsubscribe from all three.

General impressions: due to its rather versatile and convenient functionality, the service will be an excellent option for beginners. Actually, that's why it has a fairly wide audience of users. As for the pro functionality – it is also good, but there are more affordable and versatile solutions on the market.

2. UniSender

UniSender hosting Ukraine


A very popular service with good analytics and visualization, but has limited segmentation and automation capabilities.

Free version limitations: up to 100 subscribers, up to 1500 emails per month

Interface and support language: Russian, English, Italian

Integration: Tilda, 1C-Bitrix, Megaplan, LP Generator, Zapier and others, as well as through the API.

A fairly good Russian-language service with wide functionality, has a free tariff with severe restrictions. Flexible pricing policy. The simple interface, which is fairly easy to figure out, also has many ready-made templates and responsive emails. The advantage will be ready-made integration with many CRM, CMS-services, as well as Google Analytics connection.


  1. Results-based automation. The service now offers new automation with the ability to build scenarios that consist of "actions", "nodes" (checks and analysis) and "result" (success or failure). Agree, a rather controversial, but interesting approach. It is also now possible to keep statistics for each chain and track the number of users who came to “success” or “failure”.
  2. Segmentation by user activity. This service has the function of creating segments within the lists, using the personal rating of users, which depends on their level of activity. True, it is difficult to verify the principle by which the rating is assigned. Therefore, the reliability of such information is rather doubtful. Overall, users are happy with the segmentation in Unisender. Like Mailchimp, it is based on two concepts: lists and segments within lists. At the same time, you cannot combine or combine segments from different lists into one without resorting to export-import.
  3. Reports on sent emails. With their help, you can track audience activity by analyzing different types of letters separately.

Main advantages: simple and intuitive interface, many integrations with services, the ability to access multiple users' account.

Disadvantages: no mobile application, very limited number of subscribers in the free version.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue hosting Ukraine


Sendinblue – an email service that allows you to store an unlimited number of contacts, moreover, with a profitable free version.

Free version limitations: the number of subscribers is not limited, up to 9000 letters per month.

Interface and support language: English.

Integration: PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento and others, the rest via API.

One of the main advantages of the free version of this mail service is the absence of restrictions on the number of subscribers. The newsletter editor has many good templates, it is possible to insert your own html-code. Adaptation of the mailing list for various devices, it is possible to see how the letter will look on a phone or tablet.
There is also a mobile application, triggers, automatic mailings.

Main advantages: No limit on the number of subscribers, intuitive interface, Google Analytics connection.

Disadvantages: English interface and daily limit on sending letters – no more than 300 per day. No A / B testing.

4. SendPulse

SendPulse hosting Ukraine


Simple and convenient Russian-language service for sending mailings. The free plan has the opportunity to try various functions: auto-messages, push notifications, as well as conduct A / B testing.

Ideal for: small and medium business.

Free version limitations: up to 2,500 subscribers, up to 15,000 emails per month

Interface and support language: Russian

Integration: Bitrix, AmoCRM, Zapier and other CRM and CMS; via API.

One of the advantages of SendPlus can be considered sending emails through their SMTP server, which helps to increase the security and deliverability of mailings. In the free version of SendPulse, the number of ready-made templates is limited, but there is an option to insert the html-code of the newsletter on Tilda and send a beautiful newsletter.

There is an adaptation of the mailing list for mobile devices, there is a mobile application.

Main advantages: preview on mobile devices, adaptability, integration with many services.

Disadvantages: integration with Google Analytics is available only in the paid version of the service.

5. SendSay

SendSay hosting Ukraine


Free version limitations: up to 200 subscribers, up to 1000 letters per month

Interface and support language: Russian

Integration: by API

Ideal for: small companies, small businesses.

There is a free plan that includes all the features of the email marketing service, but only very small companies (up to 200 subscribers) can use it. Only two ready-made templates are available in it: you can create your own or insert ready-made html-code.

The interface is rather difficult to use, because, for example, it is not clear where to insert the html-code. It turns out that you can add it directly to the text of your email newsletter. There is A / B testing, triggers and customer base segmentation.

It has a good summary of statistics, which is designed in the form of diagrams - in addition to standard openings and transitions, there is a click map, it is convenient to see who logged in from which device. DKIM is only available through support, which is inconvenient.

Main advantages: the service belongs to subscribe.ru (it is in the white lists of almost all postal services), so you can be sure that the letters will reach the addressee.

Disadvantages: restrictions on the number of subscribers, an inconvenient interface and the need to go to a PDF file with help all the time.

6. BenchMark

BenchMark hosting Ukraine


Free version limitations: up to 2,000 subscribers, up to 14,000 letters per month

Interface and support language: English

Integration: Facebook, Google, Zoho, PayPal, Zapier, etc., the rest via API.

The free version of the service has many good features: for example, A / B testing for headers (everything else can only be tested in the paid version), deliverability directly to the folder “Inbox”bypassing “Spam”, audience segmentation, subscription forms, creation of polls inside the email campaign and Google Analytics connection. Simple and intuitive interface. There is a mobile application.

The editor has a large number of templates and built-in photo editors (you can immediately edit images). There is a choice of color palette in templates. Convenient html editor into which you just paste the code.

Main advantages: integration with Google Analytics, poll creation, built-in photo editor.

Disadvantages: availability of some important functions only in the paid version, interface and support in English.

7. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns hosting Ukraine


Free version limitations: up to 2,000 subscribers, up to 12,000 emails per month

Interface and support language: English

Integration: Dropbox, Shopify, Flickr and a huge number of other Zoho services, as well as API.

Nice and user-friendly interface, very fast pre-moderation of mailings. One of the main advantages – integration with all other Zoho services - CRM, Mail and others, but you will have to pay for them separately. The free plan allows you to add up to 5 users to your account as admins.

The functionality of mailings includes audience segmentation, adaptive design for different devices (with the ability to preview), more than 100 letter templates, auto-letters, built-in manager of deferred publications in social networks. There is a spam check and a high level of deliverability in the inbox.

Main advantages: integration with a large number of services, access of several users to the account as admins, spam check.

Disadvantages: interface and support in English.

8. Vertical Response


Vertical Response hosting Ukraine


Pretty standard email marketing service with average functionality in a free plan. The interface is not very modern, but clear. In your personal account, you can create a regular or automated mailing list, as well as publish a post on Facebook and Twitter.

Free version limitations: up to 300 contacts, up to 4000 letters per month

Interface and support language: English

Integration: Zapier, Shopify and others, also via API.

Has templates for letters, the function of automatic posting in the social network, redirection to the page of your site after filling out a form or unsubscribing from the mailing list. The subscriber base is quite limited.

Main advantages: A large number of ready-made integrations with services, the ability to publish on Facebook and Twitter.

Disadvantages: There is no integration with analytics systems, A / B testing, heat maps, previews on different devices. No spam check. In the free plan, technical support is provided only via mail - in English.

9. Coga System 

 Coga System hosting Ukraine


Free version limitations: up to 100 subscribers, up to 500 letters per month

Interface and support language: Russian

Integration: нет 

An outdated but simple interface that is very easy to understand. The campaign is created in a few easy steps. As part of the free plan, you can run a regular mailing list or with A / B testing. There is an HTML editor where you can insert code, there is a visual and simple text editor. You can choose the language in the mailing template - Russian or English.

You can segment the audience and send automatic and trigger emails, a basic report on openings and views is available.

The free plan has a very small subscriber base, so this service is suitable for small companies with no more than 100 customers.

Main advantages: A / B testing, the interface is easy to understand, you can choose the language of the mailing template.

Disadvantages: very small subscriber base. There is no integration with other services, which is not mentioned either on the product website or in the personal account.

10. Mail365

Mail365 hosting Ukraine


Free version limitations: up to 2000 subscribers, the number of letters is not limited

Interface and support language: Russian

Integration: 1C-Bitrix, InSales, Cs. Cart and others, the rest is through the API.

The free plan has limitations: you can make a free mailing only to those contacts that are collected using the service subscription forms.

Each email must be confirmed by the subscriber. The creators of the mail service argue these measures by the fact that they want to be sure that users do not send spam. This option may be suitable for a company that does not yet have its own subscriber base and is only going to form it. The service is focused on online commerce, as evidenced by the emphasis on store applications.

Main advantages: there are "smart filters" for the correctness of the subscriber's name, surname and gender, which are used to check letters. Errors are corrected automatically (for example, the filter recognizes a typo in the name "Adexander" and understands that "Jeanne" is a female name.

Disadvantages: the subscriber base must be collected through the service subscription form, there is no access to the support service on the free plan.


In this article, we tried to analyze various email marketing services that can significantly contribute to the implementation of the set marketing objectives.

Before proceeding with the choice of a service, we advise you to decide on marketing goals and objectives. – they should become the main criterion for you. Register and test several services yourself. But start integration and automation only when you are sure that you are ready to develop within the framework of this particular platform.



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