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Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Optimize Your Performance in 2020

Google Chrome is the most used and user-friendly web browser in the world, but extensions can make it even better.

What plugins should be a part of your Chrome user experience and make your work more efficient and easier? To help sort out all the options, we've selected the best extensions for this browser to optimize your home and office experience.

Google Keep

Google Keep hosting Ukraine


This plugin is positioned as the most popular for creating notes, entries and comments to visited resources.

The extension also allows you to quickly save all elements of web resources. When you go to the site and click on the toolbar, a data window opens. It contains the url of the resource, a photo, if any, and a direct link.

You can enter additional information in the note or save the current version and it will be listed in the browser.

You can stay on the page you're on and still access your other notes using Popup. This extension allows you to launch Google Keep in a popup window. You can also force-move it to a separate window by selecting the corresponding icon in the extension's toolbar.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus hosting Ukraine


If you surf the Internet a lot, you will be bombarded every day with tons of ads in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Most are likely to be stressful, unnecessary, or even irrelevant. With the Chrome extension AdBlock Plus, you can easily hide ads on websites. The extension is a so-called "hiding element", a tool that removes ads from the monitor screen shortly after they are loaded.

It removes items such as banner ads, annoying pop-ups or video ads from your eyes on websites, and even prevents tracking pixels from being downloaded from the Internet.

When used, you can create your own filters for individual elements or exclude sites from the ad unit function. The app is free and easy to install and configure in your browser.


Lightshot hosting Ukraine


Lightshot is a Chrome extension that makes taking screenshots much easier on Windows. A small but powerful tool allows you to create screenshots with one click of the mouse.

Taking screenshots is a rather tedious process in Windows: after pressing the "Print" button, the entire screen is copied to the clipboard. From there, it needs to be pasted into an image editor, cut manually, and then saved. You can save a lot of time with the Google Chrome Lightshot screenshot plugin. By clicking on the browser icon, you can select the desired area of the screen, which should be in the photo.

Once this has happened, you can add annotations or freehand drawings to your content and then save or share them directly. This can be done either through the internal service prntscrn.com, or through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also upload an image directly to Google's reverse image search, which shows similar photos on the web.


Click & Clean Hosting Ukraine


Click & Clean is a small extension for Google Chrome that improves security and privacy while surfing the Internet. It includes a malware scanner based on BitDefender QuickScan, a task manager and tools to remove sensitive data.

The app can also be used to automatically delete browser history, cookies and download history. All you have to do is exit the browser.

Once the plugin is installed, a small icon will appear next to the address bar. The functions are set by clicking on it, for example, you can enter the period for which the data should be deleted. Click & Clean is a great extension that, when used correctly, provides effective protection against a wide variety of threats.


Grammarly hosting Ukraine


The Grammarly extension is one of the most popular Chrome extensions. This plugin detects over 2500 possible errors and checks all aspects of writing, including grammar and spelling.

Grammarly is designed to help you write professional English emails, messages and other texts. This is especially useful if you are using English for work or if you want to post something on a social network, but first want to make sure there are no mistakes.

When an error is found, the grammar icon turns red. You can right-click a word to see the correct spelling or phrase.

Grammar has a smart dictionary for spelling and punctuation errors. For example, an application can look for errors in the match between a subject and a verb, or use commas, periods, and apostrophes.


Hunter hosting Ukraine


Sometimes email is the best way to get relevant, high-quality leads and turn them into repeat customers. The Hunter app helps you to quickly find relevant addresses.

Every time you visit a website, simply click the Hunter icon in Chrome to get a list of email addresses right in your browser. It displays every email address found on the Internet associated with the domain name of the site you visit. For each email address, the extension will provide the sources where the email was found, as well as the date it was found.



Buffer hosting Ukraine


Buffer extension – it is a great service for managing social media updates. Installing it in Chrome makes it easy to add content to Facebook or Twitter.

Clicking on the buffer extension icon fills the update with the page title and URL. Alternatively, you can select the text and click the icon, which will fill the update with quoted text. From there, just select the services you want to send the update to and click on "Add to Queue".

Power users can even go a step further and select text in an article, right-click any image, and share directly.


Popsters hosting Ukraine


Popsters – it is a unique plugin for analyzing social pages – both yours and your competitors and search for possible collaboration accounts. Its main feature is an advanced analysis of the content of pages according to various criteria: the amount of text, thematicity, time and date of publication of materials, content, audience coverage, analysis of hashtags, etc.

You can analyze any pages from 12 social networks, even if you are not an administrator, and get statistics, the most popular publications with the ability to filter posts by special attributes.

20+ easy-to-use competitive graphs and data export in any extension you need such as PPTX, XLSX, PDF, JPG, PNG or CSV. The tool can analyze Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr, Coub, VK, OK, Pinterest, Tumblr, Telegram and YouTube pages.

Popsters gives you the opportunity to learn how to make your posts more interesting and effective.



With the Chrome extension Wildfire, you can automate your browsing experience. Thanks to it, you can keep constant work processes and save yourself a lot of labor.

To automate your workflow using Wildfire, you first need to activate the extension's recording feature and then perform the manual action. Wildfire will record all your actions in the browser. You can then view them as a list and flowchart and edit them as needed in what is known as the workflow manager.

In addition to various types of events, such as keyboard or mouse input, you can also use expressions and access variables.



 OneTab hosting Ukraine


Have you opened too many tabs at the same time and notice that Chrome is confusing and the browser is consuming more resources than it should be? This is where Onetab can help because this plugin closes all tabs, keeps links of all open ones, and shows them in neatly listed tabs.

According to the developers, using this tool should reduce the amount of memory by 95 percent.

The extension does nothing more than close all open tabs and summarize the contents of the corresponding tabs in a short list of links in one tab. When clicking on one of the links, OneTab reopens it in a new tab, and with one click, it can also reopen all tabs.

By right-clicking, you can select and keep tabs only to the left or right of the current window in the OneTab list, or you can also exclude certain pages from the archive.


WhatRuns hosting Ukraine


This little plugin will show you what technologies the site has been implemented with. The tool shows you at the touch of a button which programming language a resource was written in and which web server software it runs on. The extension also specifies which CMS is being used, which tracking tools are integrated, and more.

The extension was originally developed by Jijo Sunny. The main goal was to identify the best ad networks. Subsequently, the tool has been extended to recognize frameworks and scripts. The extension can now capture almost any element that is used behind the scenes of a website - from widgets and styles to fonts.


Currently, more than 10,000 plugins have been created for the Google Chrome browser, and only a few of them really save you time and help you work. By using the recommended extensions, you can improve your surfing experience, improve security, conserve computer resources, and be more successful on social media.



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