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Top 10 Free Image Editors Online

Graphics and photographs play an important role in the world wide web. Web service providers use visuals to make their services more engaging, companies use high quality photography for media presentations, and social media simply cannot do without images.

Product photos, holiday and profile images have one thing in common: without prior correction and enhancement, they are now published only in the rarest of cases. Photo perfection has become a popular sport and is no longer intended for professional photographers and designers.

However, if the result does not have to meet the highest quality standards, many users choose to use free online image editors that provide basic functionality for image processing. Below we will look at the best of them.

Pixlr Editor 

Pixlr Editor - hosting Ukraine


In 2008, after a year of development, Swede Ola Sevandersson released his cloud-based image processing software Pixlr Editor.

He later joined Autodesk and developed mobile versions of the image editing software for iOS and Android. The web application can be used for free in all common browsers without the need for registration. However, a prerequisite is the presence of the Adobe Flash Player, since the program contains various elements of flash memory. A smaller version is available with Pixlr Express to optimize smaller images.

The appearance and standard layout of controls make it easy for the user to forget that this is a web application that runs in a browser, especially in full screen mode. Clear, intuitive and visually appealing menu bars and fields add fun to use. In addition to its outstanding usability, the software also impresses with its many features.

In addition to a versatile selection of correction tools, Pixlr Editor offers many filters for modifying photos and graphics. For example, you can blur them, make them pixels, and convert them to reliefs, sepia or thermal images. For the processing process. Any number of levels are available. - hosting Ukraine provides another free alternative to photo editing.

To create or edit photos or graphics, you can select an image from your computer, Facebook, or one of the existing sample photos.

Now you can quickly and easily edit your image without any technical requirements. You have the ability to rotate, crop or resize the image.

You can make adjustments to the image, such as exposure, contrast, sharpness, or color, and adjust them according to your needs. In addition, various stickers, frames, filters, effects and textures are available for editing and design. Appropriate text complements your images and graphics.

Easy to use, straightforward and free, this graphics editing application is the most commonly recommended alternative to Photoshop.



VintageJS - hosting Ukraine


A great and simple tool for online photo editing is the jQuery Vintage.js plugin, which includes a set of the most popular graphics processing functions.

Developer Robert Fleischmann has developed an application with which you can turn your photo into a gorgeous vintage or sepia with just a few clicks. To do this, you can use ready-made automatic effects, which can then be manually optimized using the sliders. You can also add different photo frames and adjust brightness and contrast.

Admittedly, this tool doesn't offer too much control over your photos in the background, but quick web editing works very well with it, and you have the option to publish your photos to an online gallery in thirty seconds, or just upload them for personal. use.

You can also insert your own photos that were previously edited online. Minor disadvantage: this tool is browser based and not available as a mobile OS app.


AnyMaking - hosting Ukraine


Convenient image processing service AnyMaking is positioned as an application with the largest selection of visual effects. All editing functions are contained in the user interface, and you will immediately know what the editor is capable of.

Here you will find such fun effects as creating cartoon animation, pencil drawing or melting effect.

Other editing functions are structured in a similar way, so in the first step the editing function is always selected, then the edited image is loaded, and on the next page of the overview the image can be edited according to the selected function and saved in the required format.



PhotoMania - hosting Ukraine


This powerful free application supports over 40 photo formats and comes with a rich set of tools for post-processing digital photos.

More than 50 filters with various effects are waiting for you in the editor, such as super sharpness, noise removal, chroma, crop or rotation. In album mode, users manage photos by category or folder.

Photomania is a true all-rounder for working with images. You can use the software as an image viewer, image editor, photo converter, album manager, or to create presentations. For presentations, a series of photos can also be exported in PDF or HTML format.


BeFunky - hosting Ukraine


The light and fast BeFunky app is a great free photo editor that you can use online without downloading.

In BeFunky, you have a photo editor, collage maker and style filter designer with which you can quickly and easily create real masterpieces from boring images.

Once you have uploaded the image, you can automatically enhance it in the Edit menu item or manually cut it, resize, rotate, decorate, sharpen, smooth or blur it.

The Perfect Skin Tool gives you the ability to correct wrinkles and mistakes, remove red eyes or whiten teeth. You can also use filters for blush, eye color, mascara, eyebrow pencil, or lipstick.


PhotoFunny - hosting Ukraine


It is a simple online photo editor that makes it easy to transform your photos into amazing and fun artwork. Better yet, PhotoFunny is completely free.

If you want to entertain your social media friends with a little time, this editing app is perfect.

The editor is available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as an app for Windows 10. You can also edit your photos right in the browser when you visit the website.

Image editing offers photo and text effects. You can show your face in art galleries and on movie screens, decorate it with flowers, death masks or Easter bunny ears, or stand next to the heroes of Twilight. You can also apply many text effects and see your own text on street signs, advertisements or movie theaters.



Picnik - Hosting Ukraine


It is a free photo editing app for iOS and Android. Common tools for handling saturation, exposure, or contrast of images are implemented here.

However, the developers focused most on one aspect: mood lighting in background motifs. Picnik offers over 30 preset filters that you can use to create an evening mood or convert daytime to nighttime images.

To do this appropriately, the software automatically separates the "sky" area of the image from the remaining objects. The corresponding effect can then be adjusted for the foreground and background using the two sliders.

Overall, Picnic is an app that is fun and does what it promises well. However, it is not a complete photo editing app.



Fotor - hosting Ukraine


With Fotor, you have at your fingertips all the classic features that you will surely learn from Photoshop. Not only can you edit classic photos online, you can also add many vintage effects or photo frames.

You can use most of the functions without prior registration. Just upload the appropriate image and get started. You only need to activate a few selected additional features upon registration. Distinctive features of Fotor are, for example, the ability to take HDR photos from a series of exposures.

You can also create collages and design greeting cards with this tool. It contains many cool templates that you can easily fill with life according to your ideas. Cons: most of the texts on the templates are written in English.


canva - hosting ukraine


Canva works in any browser and is perfect for turning your favorite pictures into cards, posters, invitations and social media posts. If you value a brilliant online presence, Canva is the tool for you.

Canva is available in two versions: free and paid. The free version is sufficient for home users. Just register your email address and you get 1 GB of free cloud storage for your images and designs, 8,000 editable templates, and two folders where you can save your work.

You won't find any advanced tools here like copy stamps or smart selection tools, but there is a set of sliders you can use to control hue, vignette effects, sharpness, brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. The text tools are very intuitive, and there are a large selection of backgrounds and other graphics that you can use for your projects.



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