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Word of mouth for business

In any business, customer-to-customer referral or word of mouth marketing can be seen as a cheap and particularly effective alternative to traditional advertising.

This form of advertising reaches the recipient when he really needs the product - from a reliable source in the form of friends and close social circle. Word of mouth can be used to target audience targeting, increase brand loyalty, and increase the number of deals.

What is word of mouth?

We are talking about word of mouth, when any communication between people about products, services, brands occurs without commercial interest. It does not necessarily involve oral or written statements. Participants can also transmit information using pictures, videos or any other communication channel.

Word of mouth marketing is using existing marketing tools to maximize positive conversations about a company (product, brand, etc.) and minimize negative conversations. Word of mouth marketing covers all aspects of consumer communication.

In order to successfully create a word of mouth effect, the following tactics can be used.

Understanding your company's mission

Do you want people to talk positively about you? Then you must want it for your company and have it as a goal. To do this, you must answer the following questions:

  • What is your brand about?

  • What are its core values and benefits?

  • How exactly does it differ from similar ones?

  • How does he help people and make their lives better?

The answers will give rise to an understanding of not only the economic, but also the social mission of your company and the correct positioning of your brand for the target audience. And if she duplicates your answers, you get a word of mouth effect.

Competitive analysis

In order to be talked about, you need to be compared. If you are in the market, you have competitors anyway. Studying the strengths and weaknesses of your company in comparison to them allows you to use word of mouth to create the effect.

The main points here are:

  1. Difference in product specifications (bad-common-good-excellent).
  2. Difference in the social characteristics of the product (fashionable-consumer-obsolete).
  3. The difference in the company's service (bad-good-excellent).
  4. Difference between company guarantees (no-regular-extended).
  5. Difference of delivery of the company (no-paid-free).
  6. Difference between company personnel (unskilled-ordinary-qualified).
  7. Difference in positioning (for example, the company donates 10% of its profits every month to environmental projects or social programs).

In this case, consumers evaluate you and your competitors in communication with each other, and since your brand is different, they call the differences – or at least one difference. If it is significant and causes memorization, there is a word of mouth effect.

Auditor analysis

In order for the target audience to talk about you, you need to know – what is she talking about, what pains and desires she has. Here polls, contests and quizzes can help, which can take place both online and by telephone.

As a result, you will learn how people feel when they use your or a similar product or service. You will also learn about problems and inconveniences during application and suggestions for improvement.

USP and unique product

Of course, it is very good if you have a unique selling proposition. But it's even better if you have a unique product. If it is not there, you must try to make sure that the product or service is:

  • the very first;

  • the most accessible;

  • the cheapest;

  • the most profitable

  • the most popular.

All of this does not directly relate to your product, but has a very strong effect on the social response in the consumer society. If even one rule is followed, you get a word of mouth effect.

Speak the same language with clients

The format of the proposal stems from your knowledge of the target audience. In order for your product to win the hearts and minds of people, all advertising campaigns – whether it's regular outdoor advertising or social media promotion – should evoke psychological involvement, be simple, understandable and memorable.

This is best illustrated by the "Sprite" slogan, where the phrase "image is nothing – thirst for everything ”unmistakably hits the basic need of an extremely wide target audience. Indeed – all people feel thirst, regardless of social status.

Attracting influencers

The opinions of respected and famous people, stars, bloggers and just professionals in your industry are often used to create the effect of word of mouth, as their lives are followed by fans and those who want to be like them.

Here you should consider such a moment as general values, demographic factors and popularity for geo targeting. The best example of this is the ad for Nike sneakers by soccer stars. It covers a very broad target audience – as football is loved by many people, regardless of country, gender, age and personal traits.

Increase loyalty and memorization

Ideally – the client himself must remember you and make a purchase or make a visit. However, it can also enrich your competitor in the same way.

To prevent this from happening, you should use additional motivation to increase loyalty:

  • weekly mailings with company news.

  • promotions, gifts and sales.

  • contests with prizes.

  • social activities.

Remember – more often than not, a client talks about you or your product / service only if something abnormal has happened to him. It could be something positive above average or unexpectedly negative.

Ideally, you want to avoid giving the customer a normal feeling when using a product or service, but instead give them an above average feeling. Surprise your customers with exceptional service, unexpectedly easy and convenient complaint management or exchange options. If something unexpected happens to the client, he is pleasantly surprised, because he simply did not expect this. Then he talks about you or the product and you get the word of mouth effect.



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