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Improving banner performance: 9 best tips

1. "Click here"!

Advertising platform and largest search engine Infoseek claims that the catchphrase "Click Here", posted in a prominent place, contributes to a 44% increase in the number of clicks. All kinds of buttons, pointers, other images showing where to click, push users to take this action, and they click on the banner.

This is the oldest advice that was published on such well-known advertising platforms of the Bourgeoisie as LinkExchange, Double Click. As an appeal: "Click here" acts on Russian-speaking users, has not yet been studied. But according to Weblist, the teaser by Tyoma Lebedev, the founder of the banner industry on the Runet, “Well, click, click here” turned out to be very effective.

2. We attract attention by all available means

Flash banners, various animated gifs greatly increase the click-through rate. The first to mention this in its review is the well-known site in the computer environment C|Net, which publishes news and articles about IT technologies and successful advertising on the Internet. It is worth making the banner simple so that from a distance, at first glance, it is clear what is depicted on it.

3. Create interactivity

We create it using FORM tags, which allow us to personalize advertising calls. Pull-downs, check boxes that cover the main content of the site when the cursor is over them, and after a few seconds collapse to their usual size, according to the advice of Infoseek, allow you to personalize messages and create this very interactivity. But the rotation of teasers with FORM can only be done when using frames or within sites with SSI capabilities. Large sites and search engines can do well, but ad networks cannot.

4. We advertise the brand in an appropriate format

New brands are not created with banners. Teasers expand the impact of iconic brands into new realities. If you recklessly use the name of a well-known firm (for example, the newspaper Pravda) indicated at the bottom of the banner, you can mislead the user that the editorial office is promoting the activities of the Communist Party, while the online agency simply sells personalized news. Typically, the classic services of well-known brands are effectively advertised - suppliers of cars, computers or consulting in the field of finance.

5. We often change banners

On the Infoseek platform, an internet banner, once shown 200-400 thousand times, becomes obsolete. If the site has less traffic, the ads age even faster. That's why you need to change banners often.

6. We address advertising banners only to the target audience

You need to choose the right sites to install ads on them. It is necessary to place banners calling for entertainment on resources that have a similar theme. It is more effective to advertise a product in response to a relevant request than where such a product is not needed.

7. Contests do not work

After analyzing 2,000 ad teasers and half a million impressions, Infoseek did not find an increase in click-through rates when using teasers calling for contests. This selection convincingly shows that the announcement of competitions does not work.

8. Size matters

You don't need to make the banner too big - 10-15 KB is fine. Many sites limit ad teasers to this size. And no color variegation is needed - a maximum of 3 colors. Infoseek argues that as the banner gets larger, the likelihood of being seen decreases exponentially. This advice is not consistent with the recommendation for using animation. You have to choose - to lose everything or improve the response by 44%.

9. Constantly changing parameters

The most important tip according to Infoseek. It is necessary to systematically change all components in the banner / site system: text, pictures, Internet resources where the teaser is posted. As you make changes, try to determine which ones work best. Make your changes in stages without changing one variable at a time.

And 10 you advice

Don't expect every click to be a new customer. Usually newbies on the Internet or those who visit the Web from time to time press on banners. Therefore, the click ratio also increases on those resources where new users have come. It is not known how many of them will click on "Back".

We hope that everyone who is engaged in advertising on the Internet with the help of banners will listen to the above tips of the largest search engine Burzhuynet, which basically coincide with the recommendations of a large advertising network. If you dig into the Runet, Yuri Kirillov was the first to talk about improving click-through rates through intrigue in his article "Banner is a functional thing."


The above recommendations can be summarized as follows. Everything listed is time-tested and worthy of use. It is worth taking into account other people's experience and learning from the mistakes already made. These techniques do not work to increase clicks on a banner for a narrow audience and work well for users interested in broad topics: anecdotes, news, and more. A banner is more of an analysis tool to help you understand the size of your market, rather than a customer acquisition tool. It identifies and measures the target audience that is present on the site at a certain moment.

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