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8 tips to increase your online store sales

I think you will agree with the idea that the result of marketing strategies is measured by the profit that the business managed to help out as a result. But the path from starting a personal business to earning income is full of various stages, the passage of which, undoubtedly, depends on the scope of the business and the chosen marketing channels.

To increase sales and survive in today's marketplace, an online store owner needs to use a combination of marketing, logistics and communication tactics. We have prepared our list of tips to help you achieve the desired result.

Tip 1: Create a mobile version of your online store

Remember usability?

An attractive design alone is not enough to make a purchase from an online store. It is necessary that it be convenient and understandable for the user. To do this, optimize mobile content with responsive design. Enhance product descriptions with mobile videos using standard HTML5 video tags for a better chance of being easily viewed by your visitors.

And remember that, according to statistics, 75% of visitors will never return to your site if, on the first visit, it was difficult for them to find the desired product or information.

Maximum value with minimum clicks

As modern practice shows, the motivation of a visitor to impulsively purchase a product in a mobile online store is much higher than in a regular one. But it is important to create all the conditions for this: maximum information with a minimum of clicks – make the site convenient and attractive (as an example, let's take the Amazon site, where you can buy a product in 1 click). But if the buttons do not work, or they are inconvenient to press – mobile shopping experience can be negative. Allow the client to make the most of purchases, spending the least time and staying in their comfort zone.

Call to action

Encourage your visitor to buy or add an item to the cart by introducing special discounts and offers. Later the customer can buy it from the computer.

Create a mobile app

If you have a budget, we recommend investing in the development of your online store application. After all, in this case, customers will have a more unique experience of interacting with the product. Plus, your app will enjoy the added reputation of the Google Play Store or Apple Store, making your business more meaningful to users.

Tip 2: improve your SEO processes

Imagine that your online store spans hundreds or even thousands of pages. And in order not to index everything, we offer you the following algorithm of actions:

  • so that automate the page SEO process(headings, descriptions, titles, alt tags, etc.), prepare templates for goods (services) and content, which will help you to enter data manually faster;

  • pay special attention to researching the keywords of your site and the sites of competitors;

  • check your site for duplicate content, create completely unique page and product descriptions with relevant and descriptive keywords;

  • set up analytics and set sales funnels and goals by category;

  • create a plan for a clear and logical site structure (preferably, without multi-level folders);

  • Make sure your internal links reflect your keyword research.

  • make sure that your sitemap (sitemap.xml) is well developed;

  • create multiple sitemaps for each category to help keep track of correct indexing;

  • don't forget about the site image map;

  • mark up your site with rich snippets;

  • determine which pages are ranking higher and use rel = tag”canonical” tag for this;

  • make your link structure clear and understandable;

  • do everything to increase the page loading speed;

  • create custom 404 pages;

  • create a blog;

  • create a forum;

  • place videos, reviews, ratings, product examples on product pages to help you stand out from the competition;

Remember basic SEO optimization for a mobile site:

  • reduced loading time;

  • indexing;

  • use of the canonical tag, which points to the corresponding page of the full version of the site, provided that the mobile version is used on a subdomain;

  • alt-text for pictures;

  • correct setup of redirects;

  • we also advise you to always pay attention to the factors of local search; to increase the search ranking, it is enough to indicate the correct addresses of local stores, product categories and not overdo it with keys.

On-site search and off-site SEO:

In most cases, visitors come to a website to buy a specific product, such as pants. But when the search is broader, then there can be problems with the organization. For example, a visitor wishes to purchase some kind of trousers and narrows the search to jeans. In this case, such a search word should be contained in the local search of the site for trousers and lead to jeans.

Search for confirmation. At this stage, the user has decided on the desired product, but he still has some doubts. To dispel them, he needs to familiarize himself with reviews, ratings, detailed product descriptions, hidden fees, quality, sizes, etc. All this information should be located on the page and be clearly visible.

One of the decisive factors in the purchase is the price. Try to keep your pricing policy competitive and free of hidden fees.

Offsite SEO

An ongoing effort that impacts your income is to improve rankings for your brand name and product keywords.

Form social connections: Use cool content (like entertainment videos).

Standard link building: product reviews, video customer reviews, press releases, and strategic affiliate programs.

Tip 3: Improve your page loading speed

In today's technological society, page load speed plays a very important role, and the difference in opening a video is between 2 and 1.8 seconds. – very large. Therefore, try to keep your page loading in less than 3 seconds.

6 life hacks to reduce loading time:

  1. Optimize your pictures with ImageOptim services (for Mac and TinyPNG), because pictures that weigh more than 30K will significantly increase the load time.

  2. Remove unnecessary scripts.

  3. Set a cache expiration date.

  4. Minimize HTTP requests. Use a CDN to upload images. This will improve speed because CDN servers are faster and HTTP requests are split between the CDN subdomain and your site's domain.

  5. Analyze the code for duplicate scripts. Sometimes a site can accidentally produce duplicate code. It may not appear on the web page, but it will affect load times.

  6. Remove obsolete pages. Use the webmaster's tools to constantly check the site for 404 errors. If you are redesigning sections of the site, make sure that internal links will not break if you rename or remove something.

Tip 4: Analyze your earnings with PPC and heatmap

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising needs to be strategically adjusted for users. Example: Customers of CJ Pony Parts, when they saw the opportunity to use a coupon for a discount, left the page to find it. In order to fix this, the company created an ad that said the coupon would not be needed because prices had already been reduced. This resulted in an increase in advertising revenues 176 times higher than the cost of advertising.


For your website to be user-friendly, it is important to determine the value of the following elements on the page: CTA buttons, images, and search strings. Example: on the site of CJ Pony Parts, the search bar was initially hidden in the upper left corner and was lost against the background of other elements of the site. Noticing this flaw, the creators have eliminated this problem by creating a new design that is more user-friendly.

Also pay attention to the following points:

  • Reduce unnecessary noise from product side filters and replace it with display on hover

  • Reduce the number of products displayed by resorting to heatmap analysis if it shows that users are not scrolling to the very end.

  • Identify the most attractive elements on the page and make them more visible.

  • Rearrange the least-clicked Action buttons.

  • Optimize empty search strings and display products there when you click, instead of just a "please narrow your search" message.

  • Consider adding a progress indicator to your order pages.

  • For more confidence, place product reviews under your shopping cart when ordering.

  • Narrow down the number of fields to fill out.

Tip 5: Reduce the percentage of abandoned orders

Among the most common reasons why users abandon orders in the shopping cart are: the buyer did not come to buy, but to calculate how much shipping costs (57%); the user is not yet ready to buy, but wants to save the product for later (56%).

In order to reduce the percentage of abandoned orders, we recommend:

  • Indicate the cost of delivery at the stage of ordering, without forcing the client to guess about the price until the final payment page. Instead, automatically update the price in your cart with shipping costs.

  • Also, many well-known online stores set a purchase threshold in, for example, $40: The customer who spends more gets free shipping.

  • Do not force customers to register on the site in order to make a purchase. You can get the necessary customer contact information (email, phone number, delivery address) already when placing an order, or start talking about registration already at this stage.

  • Add customer reviews and ratings to give your customers more confidence when ordering.

  • Do not be afraid to give your customers guarantees, win them over. If you cannot guarantee something, for example, the availability of a product, tell the client about it.

  • Spend optimization of mailings for mobile devices. Mobile marketing is developing more and more every year, and notifications about abandoned orders must be adapted to mobile devices.

Tip 6: test your sales funnel

Which is more effective: weekly or monthly reminders for products saved in the wishlist? How long, how many actions and pages viewed on the site does it take for a user to make purchasing decisions? What is more effective - pop-up notifications about discounts when a person leaves the order page or a special letter about an abandoned cart? Read first article about services for web analytics.

In order for tests to be effective, a set of tools is needed:

  • Google analytics - you need to create customized reports and apply event and goal tracking for user actions.

  • Heatmap service - will help you find out the reason why people leave order pages.

  • Integration of the chat into the site - the integration of the chat will reduce the percentage of abandoned orders.

Identify weaknesses

With the help of tools, you can analyze the weaknesses of your site. These are the pages where users leave the site / abandon items in the cart.

Often, weaknesses are immediately apparent. Especially if there are chats or contact forms on it. Potential customers often leave feedback when they really don't like something: regarding functionality, site problems, or unfulfilled expectations. Focus groups and user tests are another method of identifying weaknesses.

Test your site with user preferences

  • ask users if your site or the product on it met their expectations;

  • make it easy to answer.

The purpose of these actions is to create a situation in which users do sales funnel to your liking.

Tip 7: holiday marketing

Holidays – the best time to hold promotions and increase sales.

How to prepare for the holiday promotions?

  • Allocate a budget for contextual advertising.

  • Use holiday keywords and ad copy.

  • Strategically plan holiday discounts throughout the site using data on the products with the highest demand.

  • Make limited time discounts – for the holiday period. Put a counter on the site.

  • Offer gift wrapping, thereby increasing the purchase receipt.

  • Reduce page loading time.

  • Experiment on the site during the holiday sales and discounts.

  • Consider an option for an exclusive birthday discount for customers registered on the site. You can also notify new visitors about birthday discounts to encourage them to sign up.

Tip 8: optimize your call-to-action buttons

What is a call to action? This is a button that turns visitors into registered members and members into customers.

Online retailer sites usually include standard and custom calls to action.

Standard calls to action include:

  • “Login / Register”

  • “Category and product filters”

  • “Gift coupons”

  • “View cart”

  • “Contact us”

Special call-to-action buttons include:

  • “Buy”

  • “Buy in 1 click”

Standard calls to action are used to navigate the user through the site.

Special calls can help increase conversions and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Strategies for the right calls to action:

  • Briefly explain the benefits of why a user should download something on your site.

  • Don't confuse users by putting in more than 2 main calls to action.

  • Give users personalized product recommendations.

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