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Shared hosting or dedicated server. We tell on our fingers who, when and which option to choose


When hosting a website, CRM-, BPM-, ERP-system or other resource on the Internet, you will have to choose between 3 options:

  • virtual hosting;
  • virtual dedicated server (VPS);
  • physical dedicated server.

And we also have a fourth option (our own unique) - business hosting. Let's take a look at the features of each of the services.

Shared hosting is the cheapest, but not always effective

If you need to host a business card site, landing-page or other web resource that does not require large capacities, ordinary virtual (shared) hosting will do. In this case, several sites (tens, or even hundreds) are located on one server. They share the computing power of the physical machine among themselves.

The advantage of this approach is the low price. Minus - dependence on "neighbors" on the server. Because for each of the sites that are hosted on shared hosting, guaranteed resources are not allocated, they depend on each other. For example, if your “neighbor” is bullied, you will get it too. Or, if a “neighbor” site begins to develop rapidly, it will pull on all the resources, leaving “crumbs” to others. As a result, all sites on a specific shared hosting will work slowly and unstably.

Business hosting. More reliable than shared and cheaper than a virtual server

We decided to abandon the provision of traditional shared hosting services and offer a product that occupies an intermediate niche between ordinary shared hosting and a dedicated server.

Business hosting is a model devoid of the traditional shared disadvantage. In this case, clients are allocated a guaranteed amount of resources. Their distribution mechanisms are the same as in the case of VPS. But it costs much less. For business cards, landing pages, static websites and other resources that are not demanding on computing power, this is a great option.

Dedicated server. Comparison of 2 options

If you have a website with a traffic of several tens of thousands of users per day, if you use a large database to which many requests are made, if there are personal user accounts, complex scripts and other attributes of a "heavy" project, you need a dedicated server, virtual hosting is hardly possible get along.

It can be a VPS or a dedicated server. The first option in our company will cost from 9.66$/ month, the second - from 51.33$/ month

What is the difference between them? Here's what:

  • The physical server can be controlled 100%. Your specialists get access to the data center to maintain and configure equipment. This, among other things, increases the level of data security.
  • VPS is more flexible. If you need to add / remove RAM or CPU cores, this can be done in near real time.
  • At the same time, in the case of a physical server, there are no bottlenecks in the OS. A virtual one can have them.
  • VPS is not tied to hardware. If necessary, a copy of the VM is made, which can easily migrate: at least from one server to another from one provider, at least to another hoster.

What do we end up with? What to choose, shared hosting or dedicated server?

To each his own. If the site is not resource-demanding, shared hosting will do. And it is better, in order not to depend on neighbors, to choose a business hosting, devoid of the disadvantages of the usual.

If we are talking about a large number of visitors, reliable storage of important data, the need for interactive, etc., it is better, of course, a dedicated server. Whether it is virtual or physical, you decide. If necessary, the specialists of our company will help you decide.


Order hosting and choose a domain in the company "Hosting Ukraine".

We have a high-quality and reliable service, a convenient control system through the admin panel, intelligent security systems and technical support, which will help resolve all emerging issues at any time of the day.

SSD hosting, VPS on SSD, Cloud (cloud) hosting, cloud VPS.

Join Hosting Ukraine and we will take care of the technical side of your business.


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