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Paid or free hosting: what to choose

Analytical company NNGroup conducted research to assess the perception of advertising by Internet users. The respondents were asked to rate on a scale from 1 ("very much like") to 7 ("not like at all") different types of advertising that can be found on the sites. So the average is 4.95. T .e. it is clear that users do not like advertising messages on the site.

What is this information for? Besides, by choosing free hosting for hosting a site, you get a 100% chance that it will host ads, which cannot be removed. And this is not the only disadvantage of using free hosting. Although there are a couple of pluses here.

Let's see what to choose, paid hosting or free hosting, what are the advantages of both options.

Pros of free hosting. There are few of them, but they are

The main advantage of free hosting is that there is no need to pay for the service. Therefore, if you have a non-profit project, for example, a site for training and hone your development skills, you can consider this option.

Another advantage of this option is the presence of a website builder. This is typical for most hosters offering free hosting services.

On this, perhaps, all the advantages of this option end.

Pros of paid hosting in the context of the disadvantages of free

When choosing a paid site placement, of course, there is no question of any advertising. And this helps to increase the loyalty of users visiting your web resource.

When deciding which option to choose, paid or free hosting, keep in mind the following important points:

  • Support for PHP, MySQL and other technologies required to create and maintain a normal website. Free hosting usually does not have this. Therefore, it will hardly be possible to place a serious web resource here.
  • Availability of adequate technical support. Nobody guarantees anything in case of placing on free hosting. If there are any problems with the site, you will be left with a one-on-one problem. If you pay money for the service, you get help and support.
  • Ease of site transfer. If, for example, you want to transfer a web resource to another hoster, it will be easy to do this with a paid plan. But in the case of free hosting, this is always possible. In many cases, such tariffs do not even have the ability to connect via FTP in order to pull all the necessary files from the server. The situation is even worse when the site is built on a constructor. Even if you succeed in pulling out all of his files, it is not a fact that everything will work for another hoster.

In addition, there are many questions about SEO-promotion of web resources hosted on free hosting. Remember the story when web resources on WIX dropped out of the index (even on paid plans)? And its creators could not do anything about it. In the case of free hosting, there is no question of successful indexing initially.

What to do? If you need a website to sell goods and services, or for other commercial purposes, it is definitely worth buying hosting. This way you are guaranteed to get support from the hoster in the event of any abnormal situations. In addition, it is not so expensive. For example, our business solutions cost from 17.71 $ per month (hosting with VPS elements, when the mutual influence of neighbors on the server on each other is excluded).

The no-pay option can be considered, except for training and testing. And even then, not every hoster is suitable for this. So, decide for yourself.


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