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Best FTP Clients Review: Helping the Choosing User

Working with hosting files means providing the user with a control panel to control the FTP server. Although most server or hosting control panels have browser-based file managers or allow you to use the command line, this functionality can be inconvenient. For this reason, most of those who often need to upload, delete or edit files on remote servers use the FTP protocol. This solution is notable for its enviable convenience: the availability of the file system through the web interface greatly simplifies the study and adjustment of subfolders and their contents.

Today, several dozen are actively used FTP clients, among which there are 15 of the most convenient and popular software solutions with different functionality and a unique set of advantages.

Best FTP clients for computers


Best FTP clients for computers

This type of FTP client is represented by programs for each operating system. Besides, there are also cross-platform ones. Basically, all of these clients have a wide range of capabilities and allow interchange with an FTP server. The following list contains the best, in our opinion, solutions for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Core FTP LE hosting Ukraine


Core FTP LE – secure client designed to support FTP, FTP over SSH, SFTP, DAV / HTTP (S) protocols.

Main characteristics:

  • English-language interface;

  • supports browser integration;

  • works only under Windows;

  • has a drag-and-drop option;

  • supports the option to restore the broken connection.


Transmit hosting Ukraine


Transmit – developed for Mac OS. Intuitive UI / UX design greatly simplifies the work with the directory of hosting files. In addition to supporting network protocols, the program has the ability to integrate with 11+ cloud services.

Main characteristics:

  • high speed of work.


CuteFTP Hosting Ukraine


CuteFTP – works under Windows and Mac, supports FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and SSH protocols. An added benefit is the ability to resume interrupted file downloads. Paid, has a trial period.

Main characteristics:

  • three editions are available: CuteFTP Lite, CuteFTP Home, CuteFTP Pro;

  • multilingual interface;

  • has the option to configure the schedule so that the files are downloaded automatically;

  • convenient to work with scripts and macros.

Nautilus (GNOME Files)

Nautilus (GNOME Files) hosting Ukraine


Nautilus (GNOME Files) – solution for UNIX-like OS, includes basic tools for performing basic operations when working with FTP over SSH, SFTP, HTTP, WebDAV protocols.

Main characteristics:

  • interface display customization is available: icons, list or compact list.

  • an option is available to work with bookmarks, background windows, logos, notes, add-on scripts.

  • has the ability to preview using icons;

  • saving a history of visited folders.


Cyberduck Hosting Ukraine


Cyberduck – multilingual cross-platform solution for Mac and Windows with support for FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and several more software packages.

Main characteristics:

  • multilingual support;

  • has a drag-and-drop option;

  • supports working with files in third-party text editors.


FileZilla Hosting Ukraine


FileZilla – one of the most popular solutions, it has a variety of offered functions and a user-friendly interface. Supports several protocols at once: FTP, FTP over SSL / TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The source code is open to the server and to the client. The Filezilla FTP client is free to download.

Main characteristics:

  • site manager and download queue;

  • configurable connection speed;

  • drag-and-drop function;

  • support for IPv6 addresses;

  • multilingual interface - 50+ languages.


WinSCP Hosting Ukraine


WinSCP is a graphical client for Windows with SFTP and FTP support, built-in text editor and file processing options.

Main characteristics:

  • has an option to keep the connection;

  • the ability to synchronize folders with several algorithms;

  • use of password, public key authentication, Kerberos is acceptable;

  • multilingualism.


CrossFTP hosting Ukraine


CrossFTP – works under Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The paid and free versions differ in functionality. The free version supports FTP. Paid: FTP over SSH, SFTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), FXP, DAV / HTTP (S).

Main characteristics:

  • the ability to sync files;

  • configurable file upload schedule.

  • Macfusion – solution for Mac OS, supports a significant number of protocols.

Main characteristic:

  • the ability to work with most Internet protocols;


gFTP hosting Ukraine


gFTP is a well-known client that runs under UNIX OS, Linux and Mac OS. Supports a set of standard protocols FTP, HTTP, SFTP and FSP.

Main characteristic:

  • the client can be used both through the graphical interface (GUI) and the command line.


FireFTP hosting Ukraine


FireFTP – developed for Mozilla Firefox for any operating system, it is multitasking: from file searching to hashing and proxy server support.

Main characteristics:

  • multilingual (20+).


SmartFTP hosting Ukraine


SmartFTP – Windows solution for FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, SSH protocols, works with Google Drive and OneDrive from Microsoft.

Popular FTP clients for mobile devices

Since the number of mobile devices and their popularity in the market are growing rapidly, the creation of appropriate mobile applications, including FTP clients, has become an obvious stage in the development of this type of service. They can also be used to access remote servers and manage file system data.

Among the best mobile FTP clients, we have highlighted the following:

  • File Manager – designed specifically for smartphones with Android OS. Turns the device into an FTP server where you can view files and attachments of interest.

  • AndFTP – another solution for Android with support for FTPS, SFTP and FTP. Adapted for personal server settings. Provides absolute control over the file system. Supports all basic operations with documents and catalogs: create, delete, rename, edit. It can be used to configure a personal server.

  • FTP On the Go is a paid client for iOS that supports basic functions for working with files. In addition to the standard functions of mobile FTP clients, this program provides the ability to edit files. An additional advantage is convenient syntax highlighting.

  • Total Commander – version of the popular file manager for Windows Phone and Android. The application also has a distinctive two-pane interface, like its desktop counterpart. With this program, you can manage the file system, unpack and archive files. To expand the functionality, you can install additional plugins.

  • FTPManager – iOS solution with support for major network protocols and multiple languages.


In this article, we have provided a list of, in our opinion, the best desktop and mobile FTP clients with various options that suit your specific needs. We hope that this information will help you to easily choose a program that will help you solve your problems.

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