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When is it worth taking hosting abroad?

When it comes to choosing a hoster location, each resource owner is primarily interested in the reliability of servers. In second place is the question of speed, and only in the third place is the question of security raised.

We are all so accustomed to the advancement of Western IT services that we automatically consider their services to be of higher quality and better than those provided by domestic companies. But is hosting in the US always the best choice? Can he always provide the service that an average Ukrainian entrepreneur needs?

Sometimes it is more appropriate for some types of resources and business activities than others. Below we will consider the features of foreign hosting and touch on the problems and nuances of working with them.

When to host your website abroad

Resource operators shouldn't just be price-driven and choose their hosting provider based on that factor alone. When renting hosting in the USA, site owners rely on three pillars on which most virtual e-commerce is built.

  1. The company requires that the resource, the rights to text and graphic content, as well as to additional software be outside the domestic jurisdiction. This is commonly used when selling e-books, organizing online casinos, or similar business solutions.
  2. The most common reason is when your site is targeting a foreign consumer. This can apply to any area – starting from the sale of shovels (as you know, shovels produced in the USSR, and then in the CIS – this is the best shovel in the world), and ending with a unique hand-made, which is sharpened for Western archetypes.
  3. In some cases, a site needs a dedicated server, and renting it in Ukraine is much more expensive (which is not always true). This is an image option that applies to startups, IT corporations and companies with a part of foreign capital.

In all three cases, usa hosting can be attributed to the needs of the upper middle and large business segments. If you have an ordinary online store with a warehouse in Berdichev or an emergency for the delivery of pizza in Kiev, of course, it is better to choose a domestic service provider who will provide clear technical support.

The situation is completely different if you, for one reason or another, want to deal with a Ukrainian company that has its own servers abroad. This makes sense when it comes to increased reliability when working for a mixed target audience.

For example, in a company "Hosting Ukraine" the development of this concept led to the purchase of equipment, first in Russia, then in Germany and Canada. At the same time, the almost identical price for the placement remained an undoubted advantage.

Plus, if your hosting is located in Canada, there are additional benefits. Firstly, this country has the most loyal legislation towards web content, and secondly, in contrast to the United States, there are much fewer data centers and they are more responsible for the services provided. Accordingly, you get greater reliability in the maintenance and technical support of your hosting.

Risks when hosting a website abroad

There are several main risks of hosting a website abroad, which relate to both legal and technical aspects. However, in fairness, it should be noted that you can face similar risks if you rent a place for a resource from dubious domestic hosters.

  1. Limitation of liability in case of force–majors. If we are talking about more or less budget hosters, then you will not be able to understand exactly – how reliable it is. It is very likely that you will be dealing with a small company that will disappear at the first serious problems. In this case, of course, you shouldn't think about any backups and data returns, and – what is most important – in the legacy of the company it will be written that this is all the way it should be.
  2. The next risk concerns such a commonplace thing as industrial espionage. It is practically not developed in the CIS, but information is stolen from foreign servers much more often. If your resource implies the presence of in-team developments, especially those related to high technologies, this risk is quite real.
  3. Third risk – this is the flip side of the first advantage. US jurisdiction differs from Ukrainian – and your place can simply be arrested, even if the authorities simply think that you are violating the rights of spirituality of the individual, gender, conscience, race, religion, sexual minority and other heresies that are of little importance for the average Ukrainian, Canada can become an alternative for placement.

Problems when renting a hosting abroad

Naturally, in addition to global risks, there are also minor technical problems when renting a hosting in the United States. Below we will focus on the most significant ones.

  1. Difference in time zones. This is very inconvenient if the resource is constantly evolving and requires continuous technical support in the early stages.
  2. Actually all technical support is in English. In principle, this is a small problem, but if the subtle nuances of administration constantly appear, it can become a real headache.
  3. Lack of Russian speakers – and even more so Ukrainian-speaking – versions of personal account and billing. The same as with point two. If you – an ordinary entrepreneur without IT staff, the convenience of work is significantly reduced.
  4. The most important thing in the light of Ukrainian realities – very difficult implementation of financial statements, signing contracts and entering into the tax roll of work with a hoster. Ukraine needs solid carriers of signatures and seals – paper – and postage of documents can be a real problem, not to mention the cost is likely to exceed the cost of renting a host. Company "Hosting Ukraine" has already made a significant contribution to the development of the company's technologies in order to move away from this as much as possible.

If you are going to work with a domestic or foreign intermediary, then special attention is required so as not to run into a company whose staff consists of one founder.

Alternative to foreign hosting

So, after we have disassembled and weighed all the pros and cons, you can figure out which way to follow. The most optimal option – find a domestic provider large enough to afford to have servers in countries such as Germany, USA or Canada (which, by the way, is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine as a server lessor).

If you work – or are going to work – with a Ukrainian hoster such as "Hosting Ukraine", you will receive all the advantages that a server in the west combines with cooperation with a domestic company.

Moving a site is as simple as before - to move it is enough to select the country in which you want the site to be hosted in the control panel and within 30 minutes the site and the database will be transferred to servers located in Canada.

Order hosting and choose a domain in the company "Hosting Ukraine".

We have a high-quality and reliable service, a convenient control system through the admin panel, intelligent security systems and technical support, which will help resolve all emerging issues at any time of the day.

Any tariff of our hosting is suitable for Wordpress. You can choose exactly the package that best suits the needs of your project: SSD hosting, Cloud (cloud) hosting, cloud VPS. Dedicated server or dedicated server.

We have developed a system of automatic website testing, this will give you the opportunity to check dozens of indicators and settings of the website and domain. Will check the correctness of the WordPress configuration file, database connection, theme and module settings. Check if the php parameter is configured correctly_memory_limit.

Join Hosting Ukraine and we will take care of the technical side of your business.


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