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What is image hosting and what is it for?

There are a lot of people in the world who like to take photos on occasion and without. Social media is overflowing with images, PC hard drives are full of happy and not so happy pictures. What to do? Use image hosting. And no, not as a trash can. Sit back, friends, today we'll talk about the features of such services, the criteria for their reliability and the benefits for ordinary users.

What it is photohosting

Image hosting is a website and online storage where users, upon registration, receive a small amount of memory for storing images. For an additional fee, developers are accommodating and expanding the amount of space on physical drives.

The principle of operation of photo hostings is identical - you add pictures to the resource and get links to them for further use. If desired, they can be viewed and administered (delete, add, move, create subfolders).

What is the difference between photo hosting and photo stock

Image hosting in Ukraine and other countries is often confused with photo stocks. Like, both there and there you can download pictures and use them for their intended purpose. No, this line of thought is not entirely correct.

The main difference between these services is in the openness of custom images. Only you have access to photo hosting with data storage, images are freely available on photo hosting and any guest can add the illustrations they like to their computer.

It's important to know!

File sharing for photos is used to simplify access to images, free up hard disk space or store images online without worrying about their safety.

Criteria for "correct" hosting

Images hosting must meet the following criteria:

  1. Reliability - it is important that the service works stably over several years, and that your collection of images does not sink into oblivion.
  2. Convenience - the user interface should be intuitive so that you don't have to figure out how to upload or download a picture for half an hour.
  3. Quantity - certain services limit users in the number of added photos, and not in the space they occupy. No one is an enemy to ourselves, so we select a profitable option. Here we add the number of supported image formats, because who wants to convert a hundred or two photos manually.
  4. Free - there is a lot of competition in the photo hosting market, so there are a lot of shareware services with good offers for users. We select wisely.

These simple criteria will already help sort out some of the offers on the market and choose a better service.

Usage Tips

Despite the best deal on the amount of free online space, pay attention to the stability of the work. It is also important to duplicate meaningful images across multiple drives or cloud storage. This is important, because even the most reliable service can face technical problems.

Pay attention to the usability of the service. You quite often have to add or remove images and it is important that everything happens quickly, in a couple of clicks.

If everything is clear with this so far, we will give examples of several successful services.

The best deals on the market

  1. Flickr Is the most popular service in the world. The developers give each registered user 1 TB of free space. You can upload pictures of all formats and other files.
  2. OneDrive - photo hosting integrates well with Windows and provides 5 GB of free space for storing pictures.
  3. Cloud Mail.Ru - you can store not only photos, but also tables with text files. Each registered user is given 100 GB of free space.
  4. Google photos - Convenient and easy-to-use "legacy" of the Picasa service. After registration, each user gets 15 GB of free space. The software is distributed on devices running iOS, Android. There is a built-in toolkit for creating animations and collages.
  5. Rataku - photo hosting with minimalistic user interface. The developers have provided the ability to upload multiple photos weighing no more than 20 MB. The service has tools for resizing photos. A feature of Rataku is the ability to set a timer to delete when uploading pictures, the account will save all the photos.

Hosting Ukraine provides dedicated servers different configurations, where the user can independently choose the configuration for their needs. The advantage of business hosting is the ability to increase resources as the project grows, which significantly saves money. It is worth transferring a project to a dedicated server only when there are not enough business hosting resources for it.

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