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What is a 504 error?

Each of us from time to time encounters error 504. It is always unexpected and we always ask the questions: What happened? What is the reason for this error? What does she point to? Let's figure it out.

504 Gateway Timeout - means that the web server was unable to return the required HTTP response within the specified time limit.

Possible reasons for the 504 error:

  1. A sharp jump in the load on the site, when the server does not have time to respond to all incoming requests. In this case, a queue of requests is formed, and after a while the connection with the server will be interrupted and it will give a 504 error. There can be several reasons for such a load jump. A sharp increase in customer traffic to the site is possible, for example, if an interesting promotional offer or sale is active on the site, the simultaneous loading of a large amount of content on the site, for example, when importing goods from a CSV or XML file, can also lead to this result. In addition, a large increase in the load can be created by a virus and, of course, a DDoS attack.

  1. Exceeding the limit of the used RAM and processor minutes. The maximum amount of resources that can be used is provided for by the virtual hosting tariff, and exceeding the established limit will lead to the server throwing 504 errors.

  1. The work of unoptimized scripts, plugins and add-ons that pull information from third-party resources for their work. If difficulties arise on the side of a third-party resource, this can lead to a 504 error, since the site will not be able to pull up the information necessary for its functioning.

How to fix 504 error

The first thing to do when a 504 error occurs is to analyze your actions before this error occurs. Perhaps you ran a sale advertisement or downloaded a lot of content at the same time.

Or, for example, you updated the site engine, installed a new plugin or theme, in this case it makes sense to roll back updates to the previous version or remove installed add-ons and templates by connecting to the site file system via FTP – maybe this will be the solution.

But often the reason for the 504 error is less obvious and the best thing to do is to write about the problem to the hoster's technical support service, and possibly to the technical support of the engine developer, if your site runs on a paid product such as 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS , NetCat CMS, or you have a paid script installed.

If the reason turns out to be that your project has grown so much that you exceed the limit of the used server hardware resource provided by the hoster, the best solution for this situation would be to move to a dedicated server or VPS. In this case, your site will be more resistant to high loads, and the chances of encountering a 504 error are much less.

Impact of 504 errors on website promotion

The smooth operation of your resource is very important for website promotion, and there are several reasons for this.

The first is that if a potential client goes to your website (online store, website for the provision of services, etc.) and sees a 504 error, there is a high probability that you will lose it, as he will be able to find the information he needs faster or product from your competitors.

Secondly, if we talk about SEO-promotion, then website stability is even more important. After all, if a site is unavailable from time to time during a visit by a search robot, this immediately leads to a drop in the site's positions, which negatively affects the indicators for SEO-promotion.


For the stable operation of your web resource and for its prosperity, it is important to minimize all the chances of 504 errors. Therefore, we will advise you to choose a reliable hoster, and in order to make the right choice, read the reviews of real customers with many years of experience in using the services.

Large hosting companies will be able to repel DDoS attacks, guarantee greater stability of your site and provide a wider selection of tariff packages and services, among which you can always choose the one that is optimal for the technical parameters of your web resource.

And when choosing a tariff, consider what its purpose is, what is the planned load and how quickly the audience will grow. Well, if you doubt the correctness of your choice, contact the hoster's technical company and qualified IT specialists will help you solve this problem.

Order hosting and choose a domain in the company "Hosting Ukraine".

We have a high-quality and reliable service, a convenient control system through the admin panel, intelligent security systems and technical support, which will help resolve all emerging issues at any time of the day.

Any tariff of our hosting is suitable for Wordpress. You can choose exactly the package that best suits the needs of your project: SSD hosting, VPS on SSD, Cloud (cloud) hosting, cloud VPS. Dedicated server or dedicated server.

We have developed a system of automatic website testing, this will give you the opportunity to check dozens of indicators and settings of the website and domain. Will check the correctness of the WordPress configuration file, database connection, theme and module settings. Check if the php parameter is configured correctly_memory_limit.

Join Hosting Ukraine and we will take care of the technical side of your business.

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