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What is Putty


Experienced users have probably heard about the protocol of remote connection to a computer, OS or server, with which you can execute any commands on them. Basically, this protocol is used by administrators of machines with systems on the Linux or Unix kernel, but recently there was also a utility for Windows called PuTTY.

What is Putty and Why Use It?

Putty – is a free program for connecting to a server through a secure connection SSH, Telnet, TCP or rlogin. That is, it is only a kind of shell responsible for display: work is done on the side of the remote node.

Roughly speaking, it is used to send commands to the server. It happens approximately according to the following scheme: you connect to the server using the configured Putty, enter a command in the line, the server executes it.

This utility configures fonts, colors and console resolution, keeps logs, stores authorization keys in its memory, and also supports full-fledged work through a proxy server. Moreover, it is absolutely free.

Another application is transferring files from computer to server and vice versa, but other programs such as Total Commander, Filezilla or Far Manager are often used for this.

Download and run

You should start working with the program in several stages. First, you need to download it from the official website and install it on the target computer, carry out the initial settings and connect to one or another server. The installation is unnecessary, which is good news.

How to set up the Putty program correctly?

STEP 1: Launch without installation. As mentioned earlier, after downloading the program, you do not need to install it, just run the PuTTY.exe file and see the following window:

How to set up the Putty program correctly? hosting Ukraine


STEP 2: Search for settings. In most cases, the hosting provider sends the settings for accessing the server via the SSH protocol, but it is important to check with your hosting provider if they provide services of this nature. When you have the settings, proceed to filling in the required fields:

STEP 3: Enter settings and connect. Host Name (ip-adress) – hostname or IP-address that are sent in the settings from the hoster.

Port – put “22”.

Saved Session – enter any name for the session and click "Save" ("Open" it's too early to reap).

Next, in the left column, select the SSH tab and see the following:


We don't touch anything here, but in the field “Preferred SSH protocol version” choose “2 only” (on some hosting you can just leave 2). To connect to the server, click "Open".

After that, a black screen should appear with the inscription "Login as". We enter the login (while the screen remains black), press Enter. If everything was configured correctly, then you will see the server command line in front of you, in which you do not need to enter commands.

Important hotkeys:

command name --help – complete information about the team and its functions;

mc – launching Midnight Commander (file manager);

ls – showing files on the server;

ls - la – showing all files on the server (even hidden) + size + owner + file rights + modification date;

cd directory – transition to the specified directory;

cd ./ – return to the directory up;

mv – renaming\file transfer;

rm – deleting a file;

cp – copying;

chmod – changing the rights to a folder or file;

cat filename – showing file content;

mkdir – creating a folder.

The advantages of PuTTY

  1. Flexible configuration of a remote site

  2. Cross-platform support

  3. Ensuring connection reliability

  4. Ability to keep log files

Disadvantages of PuTTY

  1. Complex English-language interface. For the Russian-language menu, you need to download the Russian-language version of PuTTY

  2. The app lacks FAQ and product documentation

PUTTY is one of the best software for secure connection via SSH protocol. And the free license of this product makes it an indispensable tool for remote work.

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