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24 useful tools from Hosting Ukraine developers

Achieving big work goals always starts with small steps. It is impossible to achieve something new using old strategies and tools. We create our own tools that we use every day. We decided to share with you a list of our 24 services.

We believe these services will make things easier for programmers, marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. They will help you with the most important things.

  1. Password generator- this tool will help you to create hard-to-crack passwords. Just fill out the form and click the "Generate" button.
  2. Ping one of the most commonly used network commands in Linux and other operating systems. Ping is mainly used to check the availability of a remote host. The remote host can be a web server, your router, or a system on your local network.
  3. Expiring domains- the tool allows you to find a domain that has already been vacated. Such a tool can be useful for SEO specialists and marketers.
  4. Domains for sale- a service for searching and selling domains by popular parameters for SEO specialists. It can help you find a domain with a good website history that will rank better in search engines than a new one.
  5. Cyrillic domains to punycode converter- IDN (Internationalized Domain Names - Internationalized Domain Names) are domain names that contain symbols of national alphabets. Due to technical limitations, domain names cannot contain non-Latin characters, so special standards have been developed to work around this limitation. RFC 3490 , RFC 3491 , RFC 3492 and RFC 3454 , according to which such names are necessarily converted into a set of English letters, numbers and hyphens, and a special prefix "xn--" is written before such a converted name. This conversion is called Punycode. It allows you to encode names in national alphabets with ASCII characters. The conversion process is handled by the client's browser. Therefore, entering "example.test" and "xn - e1afmkfd.xn - 80akhbyknj4f" into the browser line is one and the same for modern browsers (only the second option will work for old ones). Only the second option is stored in the databases of DNS servers. In fact, internationalized domain names are aliases for names starting with "xn--".
  6. Domain transliteration- online transliteration is important in search engine optimization or SEO promotion. So, words written in transliteration in the URL stand out in the search engine results and can be taken into account in ranking, which is important in the context of promotion. However, the URL often replaces the section name in Russian, in which case the full address will not be displayed.
  7. Domain informer- this is a unique opportunity to protect yourself from losing your domain name. All you need to do is place the code of the informer you like on your website. The informer displays information about the term of your domain name delegation. If the delegation time expires, the informer will change its color: from green to yellow, and then from yellow to red. Red color means that an urgent domain renewal is needed. There are two options for placing an informer: the first will display the number of days until the end of the delegation, the second - just a logo. In both cases the informer color will change from green to yellow, then from yellow to red. The domain informer turns yellow 30 days before the end of the delegation, and red 10.
  8. WHOISservice- this tool allows you to get information about registration data and domain name owners. Using our service, you can get the domain registration / release date.
  9. Determining the IP address- the tool shows: your computer name, operating system, your browser, your location, your ISP. Most often, such a tool is used to check their IP.
  10. Traceroute- the service is designed to get a list of Internet nodes through which packets with data pass to the server of the host you requested.
  11. Dig utility- provides the ability to online check a record with a specified type on a specified DNS server for a domain or subdomain. Dig will be useful for determining the presence of a particular record on a particular DNS server and its value.
  12. Reverse IP nslookup entry- the utility allows you to get the PTR record for specific IP addresses. Allows you to specify various types of requests and poll arbitrarily specified servers.
  13. IP check in spam lists. RBLs are lists of IP addresses of known and potential spam senders. You can check any IP address or domain for spam lists.
  14. Checking redirects- check any URL to see where it leads or to find out the number of redirects. It will be useful for webmasters and web programmers, and SEO specialists who often work with redirects.
  15. SPF check Is a tool for checking the SPF domain name record. SPF, DKIM and DMARC technologies to protect against data spoofing when sending email.
  16. Free online IP calculator subnets. The calculator calculates the IPv4 network address, broadcast address, IP address of the first node, IP address of the last node, the number of nodes in a given network, subnet mask and mask inversion.
  17. Htpasswd generator for 401 authorization. If you want to do basic authorization at the Apache server level, you will need to generate .htpasswd.
  18. Online CSR generator- the tool is designed to create a CSR request for issuing an SSL certificate, as well as obtain a private key (2048 bits) for installation on the server.
  19. CSR decoder- this tool performs decoding of the CSR request. A CSR is a coded block of text containing information about the company that is requesting the SSL certificate.
  20. SSL Validator- the service allows you to download a certificate and a key to verify them.
  21. DMARC generator. DMARC technology is designed to protect email: domain-based authentication, reporting, and message compliance. The service allows you to generate and validate DMARC records.
  22. IBAN calculator - we provide you with an open API, with the help of which your 1C programmer can easily convert the account number and MFO in the old format to the IBAN format.
  23. Service for WordPress to restore the WordPress database encoding, which provides a high-quality and reliable solution to problems with the "w" and "AND" characters in the database tables, which occur when the encoding of the table contents and the encoding of the table itself (CP-1251 / UTF-8) does not match.
  24. Search by brand- the service allows you to search for brands by keyword. It will be useful to check the domain for those who want to register a trademark.

We have collected for you 24 useful solutions that will make your work faster and easier. The list of instruments is in the section “ Tools». 

If these services are useful to you. Save your article for quick access.

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