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20 reasons to use paid hosting

Any businessman or webmaster at least once was visited by the idea of how to optimize the costs of your site and thereby save your budget. Many are trying to save on hosting, making a serious mistake on this, which can result in even higher costs, not to mention reputation problems or the loss of the site itself. In such cases “for help” companies come that offer free hosting for different types of sites. But let's think about it: who would pay hosters for paid hosting if everything was so great? In this article, we will analyze the main disadvantages of free hosting, and what pitfalls you can face using it.

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Mostoften,onfreehosting,thevolumeofservercapacity,onwhichthespeedofsitesdepends,isminimal.Freehostingprovidershostahugenumberofsitesononeserver,whichaffectsthespeedoftheirwork.Theresultissad,sitesareslow,usersareunhappy, SEO suffers, profits do not grow.

Unprofessional url of your site

A website address can tell a lot about you to your users. Sites on free hosting often receive addresses that are based on the domain of the provider itself, and they look something like this: vasyapupkin123.freedomen.com (freedomen is the name of the service). Even for a not too experienced user, it will become clear that this domain is free. And whether he will take a company with such an address seriously is a question. If you want a domain without such a prefix, then you will need to pay for a premium account and the service will no longer be free.

Free hosting can be paid

Many of the offers of some free services are often just a limited trial version of a paid service. And then you will be asked to pay, and often more than reputable hosters with a good reputation. We advise you to enter your card details deliberately, otherwise it may be charged an amount that you did not expect at all.

Hidden costs

The second unpleasant surprise may be additional services, which may be paid initially.

You may be charged for:

  • email;

  • FTP-access;

  • hosting images (which is a significant part of the site's data);

  • site transfer and much more.

As a rule, the price of all services is quite substantial and hosting is not free at all. On paid hosting, this is part of the service.

Poor manageability and closed access to site data

Many who create a site on free hosting eventually make a choice in favor of a full-fledged paid service. But at this point, it turns out that the free hosting does not have the tools to make the move. And if you finally decide move your site to a paid service, you will either need to build a website from scratch or pay web developers and content managers to manually transfer content. These such costs can significantly outweigh the "savings" on free hosting.

Annoying ads on the site.

"Free" hosters earn on advertising, and sites can post other people's ads with extraneous information, which often covers the main content, looks intrusive and spoils the impression of the site itself. Most likely, you will not be able to influence the placement of such ads by using the free service.

Your site can be closed at any time.

Yes. Literally at any time. Most user agreements on such services stipulate that your site can be closed at any time without a specific reason.

The fact is that almost no one reads the terms of use of the service. And in the event of the closure of the site, as well as, accordingly, the loss of content, there will be simply nowhere to ask for explanations and help. The risk outweighs all the possible benefits of free hosting.

The free hosting provider itself may close. In this situation, you also cannot complain to anyone or restore the site.

Uncontrolled transfer of personal information

Sharing clients' personal information with third parties can be another option for additional income for free hosting providers. At the very least, you can end up on the spam mailing list, but more serious consequences are possible. Agree, this is not only unpleasant, but also unsafe. In addition, it can be spelled out in the user agreement, which few people read.

WordPress? Forget it!

Most providers simply do not allow WordPress to be installed on their free hosting. The fact is that this CMS requires much more resources than they are ready to provide you on free hosting. Even if you manage to find a provider that allows you to install WordPress, the site will still not work correctly: constant errors and crashes will make it almost impossible to use.

Free sites are often used to spread viruses and commit various fraudulent activities. In some cases, this is due to a low level of security, sometimes it is done even with the knowledge of the owners of free hosting. There are many free hosting scams today, so it's best to stay away from them.

You can become part of a link farm

One of the reasons free providers can disappear and reappear is the ability to make money by building a link farm. This is common practice for these companies. Thousands of links of their users are sold to spammers, gambling sites, etc., and they use them for their own fraudulent purposes.

Restrictions on traffic, advertising

Most free websites have a limited bandwidth resource. Why? Free hosting servers have a bandwidth limit. Even if you do not have problems with security or other technical aspects, the development of the site and SEO indicators will soon reach a "ceiling", which simply cannot be raised with a free plan.

Another unpleasant surprise for you may be that the ability to insert banners and affiliate links is blocked. And you will not be able to make money on this, because it is simply unprofitable for free hosting providers.

Only HTML sites with a limited number of pages

Many free hosting providers limit the number of pages they can create. If you need a large site, you will have to upgrade your tariff plan.

Small disk space

Free hosters allocate extremely limited disk space to a specific user. This is due to the fact that thousands of sites are hosted on one server. And if your site reaches its allotted limit, you will be asked to pay for additional space.

Vulnerability during hacking attempts

Free hosting providers care least about the security of their users' sites. Moreover, when a hack is made, it will not be easy to restore your site, since such providers provide extremely limited access to the files of your resource.

Limited design

In most cases, you will not be able to use your own design for your site or download a theme downloaded from the Internet, because free hosting services offer a limited set of standard themes.

Lack of support

If you have any questions about setting up a site, you will not be able to contact the support service - the providers of free sites do not have it. And in such a situation, you will have to deal with the problem yourself.

Lack of backup

Many free site services do not provide the function backing up your website content. In case of data loss, you will not be able to recover it.

Lack of analytics

The free service providers do not provide tools to track your website visitor statistics like good paid providers do that make it easy to add an analytics tool to your site (like Google Analytics).

Lack of adaptability

There is no possibility to adapt the resource for mobile devices and various screens. If your site is created only for desktops, you will lose a large number of visitors.

In this article, we have collected some of the most common disadvantages of free hosting so that you are prepared for similar problems when using services that offer lifetime free hosting. After all, the main conclusion is that, in fact, the site stored on such a service practically does not belong to you.

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